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From the reference box #100!!

#100 - Make Do and Mend, WWII booklet. I promised something special for number 100, and I don't think this will disappoint. It's an original Board of Trade, booklet published in 1943 as part of their 'Make Do and Mend' campaign.

The Board of Trade produced many leaflets and booklets during WWII. This one was specifically designed to:

• Keep clothes looking trim as long as they have to last
• Renovate children's outgrown clothes so cleverly that none is ever wasted
• Turn every scrap of good material you possess to advantage
• Keep your household linen in good repair
• Make do with things you already have instead of buying new

Clothes rationing was introduced in June 1941 and originally allocated 66 coupons per person. By 1943 the number of coupons had been reduced to 60 per person and emphasis put on the maintenance and care of clothing and household linens - cue the Make Do and Mend campaign.

There are 29 illustrations throughout the booklet including these lovely section headings...

I was lucky enough to pick up this original booklet for 50p!! But if you would like one, the Ministry of Information have published reproductions of all their wartime information publications in the, 'Historic Booklet Series'. This one can be purchased here. Also there's a great article about clothing rations during WWII here if you would like to know more.

Giant Sellotape Tin

The vintage Sellotape tins have become a bit of an obsession and I now have quite a collection including this fabulous example. It's a large (165mm [6.5"] high & 120mm [4 5/8"] diameter) tubular tin designed to hold a stack of 12 individual tins.

I think this is how they were sold to retailers/trade, so I don't think they were ever available to the general public unless they were buying 12 rolls!

I love this tape on the side with the contents information on...

This was the only large Sellotape tin I had ever seen on Ebay but this current listing has 8 tins in total, 2 of which are like this. I desperately want the two with the black stripes on, but I'm holding back. I think there's a limit to the number of Sellotape tins any one person should own and I've definitely already passed it, especially as I bought an older version of this one last night! (below).

See more of my vintage Sellotape tins here and here.

Tue 08 Feb 2011

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HOWDOOS now on Folksy!

Our HOWDOOS - hand letter-pressed, personalisable business cards are now available on Folksy and Etsy. Get yours now!

Find out more about HOWDOOS here.

Harper, Harper, Harper!

How lucky am I? Look at the fabulous birthday gift I received at the weekend.

It's an original Harper, Harper, Harper poster created in 1977 to promote an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Edie, Brett and Charles Harper at the Frame House Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky.

The ladybird is a classic Charley Harper illustration and one he used regularly, so it's great to have a piece that incorporates it.

This poster and many other great Harper prints/posters are now available from Castor + Pollux, Brighton who are now an official Charley Harper retailer!

Wed 19 Jan 2011

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Castor + Pollux web shop

Our lovely friends at Castor + Pollux have just launched their new website and online shop with a great selection of limited edition prints, books, jewellery, stationery and pottery from artists including Rob Ryan, Paul Catherall, Charley Harper and Jonathon Adler.

Buy online before 21 December 2010 and receive a £10 gift voucher for every £50 you spend!

Fri 10 Dec 2010

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Blackout Blisters this weekend!

Print Club's annual Blisters exhibition is almost here. Blackout Blisters opens Friday 3 December at 6pm - just in time for you to buy all those loved ones a great signed and limited edition print for Christmas!

Prints from 40 artists including Ben Eine, Jamie Reid, Pure Evil and Si Scott will be on sale in editions of 40 for £40!

"All work in the exhibition will include a glow-in-the-dark element and the venue (a rather wonderful old warehouse in dalston - MC Motors, Dalston) will be plunged into darkness at various points during the opening night so the assembled can see the posters in all their glory."

The exhibition will be at MC Motors, Dalston from 3 - 5 December and will then move to Print Club's Brick Lane gallery.

Find out more here.

Chocolate Week

No, I haven't made it up. This week is National Chocolate Week (11-17 October), "a time of pure indulgence involving the country's best chocolatiers and chocolate shops holding events all over the UK".

So to celebrate I thought I'd share with you my best chocolatey find - chocolate type (above) from The Letteroom made using original Dutch moulds. These delicious looking letters are 17cm high and weigh in at 200 grams each. Now that's a lot of chocolate!

Each letter is available in either white, milk, dark or strawberry flavoured chocolate and can be personalised with wording or a pattern. They also sell mini (4cm high) letters for the less greedy!

Images copyright The Letteroom.

HOWDOOS in Stylist Magazine

Huge thanks to Stylist magazine for featuring our HOWDOOS in 'The Style List' of their latest issue (no.46, 22 September 2010).

HOWDOOS are hand letter-pressed business cards with a greeting on the front and 3 blank spaces on the back ready for your personal details. Available in 2 designs; 'hello' in hot pink and 'nice to meet you' in black.

Get yours now from our Etsy store.

Wed 22 Sep 2010

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Soccer Aid World Cup 2010 Poster

As football fever takes hold I'm relieved to finally see a well-designed World Cup fixtures poster.

Created for Soccer Aid (raising money for Unicef) by David Watson it was designed as, "an antidote to the newspaper wall charts and pull outs". So if anyone in your studio/ home insists on putting up a wall chart or poster, you should insist that it's this one!

Each poster costs £7 + pp and all money is donated to Soccer Aid.
Get yours here.

Images copyright David Burton.
Via Wallpaper*.

Vintage Auto Posters

These gorgeous posters are from the wonderful Vintage Auto Posters, "Since 1980, Everett Anton Singer has been supplying international collectors with the most diverse and highest quality selection of authentic vintage automotive posters".

There are hundreds of posters on the site from general 50's, 60's and 70's auto event posters to posters advertising specific marques including Porsche, Mercedes and Ferrari.

The best thing about this site is that all the posters are for sale. Prices are available on request though, which probably means they're out of my current budget - but I can dream!

Check out more posts full of automobilia here.

Images copyright Vintage Auto Posters.

Get your Skates on!

Loving this new 'Rollerboots' card from the Lisa Jones Studio, it's one of the new additions to her online store. As is this fabulous limited edition, monochromatic print 'Two up, Two Down'...

There's also 1 of the 'Lovebirds' (below) limited edition prints left, so be quick!

Images copyright Lisa Jones.

Fri 28 May 2010

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The first batch of our HOWDOOS - business cards for everyone + anyone, flew out the door at an unexpected speed, but don't worry if you missed out as our Etsy store is now fully stocked again!

HOWDOOS are hand letter-pressed business cards with a greeting on the front and 3 blank spaces on the back ready for your personal details. For more information see our earlier post here.

Fri 30 Apr 2010

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Urban Outfitters + Society6 Print Shop

Urban Outfitters and international artist community Society6 have collaborated to present Print Shop - a curated selection of Society6 favourites available in 3 different print sizes, laptop skins or iphone/ipod skins.

Images copyright of the individual artists from Society6.

Thu 08 Apr 2010

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Howdoos now on Etsy!

Remember our post about howdoos - business cards for everyone + anyone? Well, they're finally packed up and ready to ship.

howdoos are hand letter-pressed business cards with a greeting on the front and 3 blank spaces on the back ready for your personal details.

There are currently 2 designs; 'hello' in hot pink and 'nice to meet you' in black. Both are now available in packs of 10 from our new Etsy store!

Sat 03 Apr 2010

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Be Kind To Books!

This gorgeous set of 5 Modernist posters were designed by Arlington Gregg circa 1936-40 as part of the WPA Illinois Art Project - Be Kind To Books.

The Works Projects Administration (WPA), previously called the Works Progress Administration were, according to the wisdom that is Wikipedia, "the largest New Deal agency, employing millions to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings and roads, and operated large arts, drama, media, and literacy projects. It fed children and redistributed food, clothing, and housing. Almost every community in the United States had a park, bridge or school constructed by the agency, which especially benefited rural and Western populations."

These posters and many more including one of Milton Glaser's iconic 'Dylan' posters and a 1970's Eric Strenger Porsche poster, are due to be auctioned off at New York's, Swann Galleries Auction, May 3rd 2010 (Sale 2213, Modernist Posters). I could spend a serious amount of money at this auction, so it's probably a good job I'm on the other side of the pond!

All images copyright Swann Galleries.

Fri 02 Apr 2010

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