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Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon

The National Portrait Gallery are currently showing a wonderful collection of Audrey Hepburn images documenting her life (1929-1993) from chorus girl to international actress, iconic fashionista and overseas aid worker.

“A selection of more than seventy images will define Hepburn’s iconography, including classic and rarely seen prints from leading twentieth-century photographers such as Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson and Irving Penn. Alongside these, an array of vintage magazine covers, film stills, and extraordinary archival material will complete her captivating story.”

The exhibition runs until 18 October 2015 (entry is £10) so plenty of time to catch it and if that’s not enough to tempt you, the National Portrait Gallery also has a great cafe with delicious cake! If you can’t make it though, worry not as there’s an accompanying book by the same title (exclusive to the gallery) available here.

Wed 26 Aug 2015

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Happy New Year

2015 looks set to be full of adventure and excitment at Delicious, with lots of fun new projects and challenges on the horizon.

My New Years resolutions are to, a. blog more and b. visit more exhibitions.

Why not start your 2015 with some style and culture down at Somerset House? No, not ice skating but visiting two fantastic exhibitions they have on at the minute:

Guy Bourdin: Image Maker

"The UK's largest ever exhibition of the influential and enigmatic fashion photographer".

Man Ray protégé and inspiration to many contemporary fashion photographers, Guy Bourdin's work is intriguing and beautiful, "From his professional debut for Paris Vogue in the 1950s, Bourdin developed a distinctive style of visual storytelling which continues to serve as a source of inspiration to contemporary fashion photographers from Tim Walker to Nick Knight.". The exhibition runs until 15 march and features over 100 pieces from his four-decade career, some of which are previously unseen.

Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie, and The Advent of Punk

To conicide with Blondie's 40th Annversary, the exhibition showcases a collection of previously unseen, behind-the-scenes images of the iconic group, their punk friends and venues from underground dives to sold-out stadiums all taken on the road by Chris Stein. "A snapshot of the punk scene that Blondie pioneered and shows how their influence on music and fashion is just as relevant today as it was four decades ago". There's only three weeks left to catch this one, so don't delay it closes it's doors on the 25 January.

Tue 06 Jan 2015

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Horst: Photographer of Style

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Mainbocher Corset (pink satin corset by Detolle) Paris 1939 © Condé Nast/Horst Estate

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Dress by Hattie Carnegie, 1939 © Condé Nast/Horst Estate

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Marlene Dietrich, New York, 1942 © Condé Nast/Horst Estate

‘Fashion is an expression of the times. Elegance is something else again.’ Horst, 1984

Fashion and portrait photographer Horst P Horst (1906 - 1999) had a career spanning 6 decades. His beautiful images regularly graced the pages and covers of French, British and American Vogue ranking him up there with the likes of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn as one of the great photographers of the 20th Century.

He joined Vogue in 1931 under his mentor George Hoyningen-Huene, who he eventually superseded as Paris Vogue’s primary photographer. Over the years he shot fashion models, royalty, movie stars, nature and ancient ruins all with the same elegance, timeless poise and striking composition.

The V&A are currently showing a retrospective of Horst’s wonderful work, Horst: Photographer of Style until 4 January 2015 and I for one cannot wait to see it!

Tue 09 Sep 2014

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Vivian Maier

I was fortunate enough to catch the last day of the Vivian Maier exhibition at Les Douches la Galerie whilst in Paris last month and what a treat. I've read loads about Vivian in the press after her massive collection of images and negatives were discovered in 2007 and the pieces of her life and images have slowly been put together.

Vivian Maier was born in New York in 1926 to French and Austro-Hungarian parents. She moved between Europe and America in her early years, but moved back to New York in 1951 and began photographing day-to-day life on the streets of the city. She moved to Chicago in 1956 where she spent most of her life as a nanny and in her spare time took pictures of Chicago life, the buildings, the people and the society, documenting, 'some of the most interesting marvels and peculiarities of Urban America in the second half of the twentieth century'.

Vivian was very secretive about her images and kept them all in storage lock-ups without showing anyone. It was only in her later years when she stopped paying the rental that the lockers and their contents were auctioned off and the amazing contents discovered. Unfortunately Vivan passed away in 2009, but her images are being catalogued by John Maloof and exhibitions are being held across the world throughout 2014 so people can finally see her wonderful legacy.

“Well, I suppose nothing is meant to last forever. We have to make room for other people. It’s a wheel. You get on, you have to go to the end. And then somebody has the same opportunity to go to the end and so on.”  Vivian Maier

You can read more about the wonderful life of Vivian Maier and see more of her images here.

All images by Vivian Maier. Copyright 2014 Maloof Collection Ltd.

Fri 21 Feb 2014

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Instagram Experiments by Javier Perez

Fun Instagram images for a Friday afternoon.

These little minimalist collages using everyday objects are photographed and posted regularly to instagram by illustrator Javier Parez.

You can see more of them here or follow him on Instagram to see his new pieces as he posts them.


Via Colossal.

Only in England

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© National Media Museum Beauty contestants, Southport, Merseyside, 1967 by Tony Ray-Jones

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© National Media Museum Blackpool, 1968 by Tony Ray-Jones

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© Martin Parr/ Magnum Tom Greenwood cleaning 1976 by Martin Parr

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© National Media Museum Location unknown, possible Morcambe, 1967 – 68 by Tony Ray-Jones

Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr demonstrates, "the close relationships between the work of these two important photographers" by showcasing over 50 unseen images from the National Media Museum's Ray-Jones archive chosen by Martin Parr alongside The Non-Conformists, a selection of rarely seen Parr images from the 70s. 

English born photographer, Tony Ray-Jones graduated from Yale University School of Art in 1964 and on returning to England travelled across the country capturing, "what he saw as a disappearing way of life" - English eccentricities and social customs. Images which struck a chord with Martin Parr and became a great influence on his work. 

This exhibition runs until the 16 March 2014 at the Science Museum, London.

Thu 23 Jan 2014

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Jacques Lowe: My Kennedy Years

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Jackie and John F Kennedy in a diner in Oregon in the autumn of 1959 (© Estate of Jacques Lowe)

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Jackie relaxes on the beach in Hyannis Port in the summer of 1960 (© Estate of Jacques Lowe)

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John F and Jackie Kennedy working together in autumn, 1958 (© Estate of Jacques Lowe)

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John F Kennedy is devastated by Patrice Lumumba's assassination, 1961 (© Estate of Jacques Lowe)

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The presidential candidate appears in Omaha, Nebraska, 1959 (© Estate of Jacques Lowe)

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Jackie, John F Kennedy and daughter Caroline in Hyannis Port, August 1960 (© Estate of Jacques Lowe)

Jacques Lowe: My Kennedy Years - an intimate archive of a political rock star.

To mark the 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy's death Proud Gallery, Chelsea are showing a wonderful exhibition of intimate, beind-the-scene images of JFK and his family.

Jacques Lowe became the Kennedy's personal photographer in the mid 50s after turning down an official post as White House photographer. The 28 year old was given full access to the day-to-day life of the president, at work, at home and at play. He took over 40,000 images during this time but unfortunately all the negatives were destroyed in the 9/11 attacks leaving only these images printed by Lowe before his death in 2001.

The exhibition runs until November 25th and there's an accompanying book, 'My Kennedy Years: A Memoir by Jacques Lowe' published by Thames & Hudson for those who can't make it in person.

Images copyright: Estate of Jacques Lowe
Via Chapeau!

Wed 02 Oct 2013

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Unexplainable Black & White Photos

Here's some Friday amusement with a selection of pics from BuzzFeed's '50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos'. Bizarre and weirdly wonderful vintage photographs from Matt Stopera's Tumblr that just leave you wondering - why?

Via Ffffound!

Fri 14 Jun 2013

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Invasive Species

Phone masts disguised as trees are a constant source of amusement on my travels. They can be spotted easily at a distance, as easily in fact as a regular mast, but I love the lengths someone has gone to trying to blend them into the environment.

These wonderful images are the work of South African photographer Dillon Marsh. Thanks to Vic at Sell! Sell! for sending us the link. The series, 'Invasive Species' explores, 'the relationship between the environment and the disguised towers of Cape Town and its surrounds'.

The very first one was allegedly erected in South Africa in 1996 so it seems fitting that Dillon's series is based around the country. See his full collection here and while you're there check out his images of large man-made everyday objects, 'Giants Among Men'!

Images copyright Dillon Marsh.

Mon 10 Jun 2013

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Sign Language. Photographs by Marc Shur

These stunning images of long forgotten signs in all their faded glory are the work of photographer Marc Shur. A self-confessed lover of old things, he wants his 'Sign Language' photographs to highlight the beauty and history in these old signs and give them back their grandure.

"I strive for a sense of hyperrealism and a graphic feel in my photographs, wanting the signs to be larger than life, appearing much bigger and important than they do in real life. I want people to see the colors and details as if they were standing just a few feet away".

Marc's website and Flickr are an absolute feast of distressed and ageing signage all beautifully photographed - be sure to take a look, but only when you have plenty of time to spare!

All images copyright Marc Shur

Via Type for Now

Mon 20 May 2013

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Blind Veterans UK Photography Exhibition

This year marks 75 years since Blind Veterans UK (originally St Dunstan's) opened their Brighton rehabilitation, care and training centre to provide lifelong support for ex-servicemen and women blinded in action.

To celebrate, they've opened their 1930's chapel to the public as part of the Artists Open Houses to showcase the Blind Veterans UK Photography Exhibition.

The exhibition mixes old and new photography with wonderful archive images taken during their 75 years at the Ovingdean site (below) sat alongside recent images taken by our friend & Digital Bungalow co-founder, Darren Baldwin to capture everyday life at the centre in it's 75th year (above).

I think you'll agree Darren's images are thought-provoking and charming. They, "expertly draw the viewer in and capture the 'feeling' of this unusual, interesting and magical building".

The exhibition is open 10-4pm every weekend in May, but don't worry if you can't get over there, you can view the full set of Darren's pics here.

Recent images copyright Darren Baldwin.
Archive images copyright Blind Veterans UK.

Fri 17 May 2013

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Happy Birthday Norman Parkinson

Today would have been legendary fashion photographer Norman Parkinson's 100th birthday, the man many consider to be the 'father of fashion photography' and it's easy to see why.

Born Ronald William Parkinson Smith in London, 1913 he started his photographic career as an apprentice to court photographers Speaight & Sons before opening his own studio in 1934. By 1938 fashion & portrait photography was becoming his main line of work with him regularly contributing to The Bystander and shooting on location for the British edition of Harper's Bazaar.

During the war Parkinson split his time between farming and working as recconnaissance photographer for the RAF. But after the war he returned to the more glamorous world of fashion and joined Condé Nast where he remained until 1960 shooting iconic images for British & American Vogue.

In 1964 he emigrated to Tobago to focus on his passion for farming, but remained a dominant force in fashion photography until his death in 1990 shooting on location for Vogue, Life and Elle.

Parkinson shot his models in real life scenes, in exotic locations and with unusual props. A breath of fresh air to fashion photography. He wanted his models to, "be out there in the fields jumping over the hayocks".

To celebrate the wonderful life & works of this legendary photographer, BBC4 are showing a 60 minute documentary tonight at 9pm and if you want to see his images in all their glory there's a retrospective of his work, 'Lifework: Norman Parkinson's Century of Style' running at the National Theatre, London until the 12th May.

All images copyright Norman Parkinson / Norman Parkinson Archive.

Sun 21 Apr 2013

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From the reference box #136

#136 - "Farmhouse Teas' Recipes leaflet by Summer County Margarine, circa. 1950. This lovely little leaflet is packed with margarine based recipes illustrated with some fine 50's food photography, but I bought it purely for the giant 't' and the leaves on the Summer County ad!

Gilbert Garcin

Gilbert Garcin is one of my favourite photographers. At the age of 65, when most people are thinking of retirement, Garcin gave up his lamp manufacturing business in Marseille and became a photographer.

Garcin's images are self portraits featuring himself, usually in a grey overcoat to represent the everyman and sometimes his wife. They're beautifully graphic, surreal and a little crazy - I love them!

You can find out more about Gilbert Garcin and view his full portfolio of work here.

Images copyright Gilbert Garcin.

Thu 14 Mar 2013

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Eyebombing, Humanizing the world, one googly eye at a time - what could be more fun?! 

Googly eyes on inanimate objects always amuses me, it reminds me of wet camping holidays as a child. My sisters and I used to glue googly eyes onto shells to make little creatures - the hours used to fly by! 

The idea of Eyebombing was created by 2 danes. It's "the act of setting googly eyes on inanimate things in the public space. Ultimately the goal is to humanize the streets, and bring sunshine to people passing by".

The Rules
1. Only images of inanimate objects with wiggle eyes - NOT stickers.
2. Only images taken in the public space.
So order your starter pack and away you go...
Images from Eyebombing. Copyright of the individual photographers.

Tue 05 Mar 2013

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