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December Which? Covers

Well Christmas is almost upon us, so here are some December Which? covers, 1965 to 1974 from my collection for a bit of seasonal design inspiration.

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Mon 21 Dec 2009

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Half price posters!

There's some great half price posters over on Bandito Design Co. in their Christmas sale. These are my favourites - $10 each - bargain!

Images copyright Bandito Design Co.
Via Stickers and Stuff.

From the reference box #63

#63 - Set of six Nederlandse Antillen stamps - 12c to 50c. I bought these stamps because I liked the simplicity of the illustrations and really loved the flamingos in my favourite colour combo (pink and brown) on the 50c one (above).

I knew nothing about Nederlandse Antillen (formerly known as the Netherlands West Indies), which I now know to be 2 groups of islands in the Caribbean Sea forming part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The 2 groups are the 'Leeward Islands', - Bonaire & Curacao and the 'Windward Islands' - Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten.

This set of stamps includes one with 'Aruba' on it and 2 stamps of different face value for Sint Eustatius. I'm not convinced this is a full set and I wonder if each island had a different stamp for each denomination? - that would explain why there are 2 for St Eustatius here??

It's quite frustrating really. I've been able to find loads of information about the history of the islands, of which there is lots, including the fact that the Windward Islands were discovered by Christopher Colombus in 1493), but I haven't been able to source the designer/illustrator of any of these stamps or find a definitive issue date - one source suggests 1965 and another 1958. If I do find out any more information I'll be sure to post it up.

Neon Boneyard

Neon Boneyard is a great collection of images by photographer Pam Sattler over on Icon-ology of the old, decaying signs that once lit up the strip and casinos in Vegas. I'm sure I've posted about the neon graveyard in the past, but I can't find it!

Pam's photos show the shabby chic beauty of the signs and their faded glory really well - they look amazing. See the full collection here.

Images copyright Pam Sattler.
Via Notcot.

Crumpet and Skirt

Big thanks to Elizabeth Pinnock for getting it touch to tell us about, Crumpet and Skirt her lovely new website created to, "indulging her love of all things vintage".

She has a gorgeous selection of vintage style products from greetings cards to tea-towels all featuring, "saucy 50s ladies, tastefully attired in vintage undies and assuming a range of coquettish poses". There's feisty redhead Rita (seen above on Santa Baby), classic pin-up girl Marilyn, demure and frothy brunette Vivien and blonde bombshell Veronica.

All the above products are available here and as Elizabeth says, "civilised and saucy, there’s no need to hide them when Granny comes for Tea".

Images copyright Crumpet and Skirt.

Great signage

I saw this over on On Aime Se Promener and love it - a wonderfully simple, well executed idea for an Opticians (Dunscombe Opticians, Bristol, UK).

Image copyright On Aime Se Promener.
Via Inspire me, now!

The Orange Series

This great new series of 2 colour screen prints from Popcorny - 'The Orange Series' are fantastic. I love the orange and brown colour combo - very retro. Together with the bold blocks of colour and patterns they create a very nostaglic feel.

I think they'd make super Christmas presents and are available on their Etsy store.

Images copyright Popcorny.
Via Notcot.

From the reference box #62

#62 - Vintage 90th Birthday photograph. I love vintage photography and collect old photos of cats and Volkswagens, but whilst searching through stacks of photos in antique stores and boot sales I often come across images with a story, either visible in the image or written on the reverse - a date, a shopping list, a message - something that gives a little peak into that persons life and I love that even more than the images themselves.

This is one of my favourite non vw or cat related ones found amongst a batch I bought at a bootsale. On the back it reads, in really shaky handwriting:

"This was taken on my 90th birthday June 1/43 with the bake Ida made for me with 90 candles on it which I had to blow out - M.L.Rose"

Such a lovely note, and how big is that cake - I hope she had lots of friends to share it with!

There's more vintage photography based items in the reference box here, here and here.

Thu 03 Dec 2009

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An Apple A Day…

I love the new version of David Weik’s classic, 'An Apple A Day' letterpress poster. It's a great way to collect those cute little fruit stickers (check out some of my collection here) and you know what they say about an apple a day - so it will help you stay healthy too.

"Just peel the little variety sticker from every apple you eat and affix it to a square. Keep it interesting. Try a Belle De Boskoop, a Newtown Pippin, how about a Peasgood Nonsuch, or maybe a Turley Winesap. There's no shortage of combinations and imagine how good you'll feel, when, after a years time, you've filled each square with a colorful little sticker."

The poster is 18 x 23" and available here for $24.

Artwork ©2009 Vik LLC.
Via SwissMiss.

Tue 01 Dec 2009

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