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Let Children Learn

Why are UK stamps never as gorgeous as this set from the Netherlands? I love everything about them - the type, the colours and the illustration style.

Designed and illustrated by Christian Borstlap these fun, colourful stamps are entitled, 'Laat kinderen leren' or 'Let Children Learn'. The campaign also includes a sweet animation by Paul Postma (can be seen here) and a postcard booklet, both using Christian's stamp illustrations...

For more of Christian's great work check out his website.

Images copyright Christian Borstlap.
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Sat 31 Oct 2009

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Pigeon Pilfer by Michael Stevenson

Pigeon Pilfer from Michael Stevenson on Vimeo.

Pigeons are great, they're so funny! I love sitting at my local cafe on the seafront watching them terrorise tourists - trying to literally steal their food off their plates, it's hilarious!

Michael Stevenson's stop motion film, Pigeon Pilfer captures their characteristics brilliantly. Created at San Francisco State University as part of his course, it took 4 months to make and used 60lbs of clay! It was all worthwhile though as it cam Runner up in Animation at the Sundial Film festival 2009 and was an official selection of the San Francisco United Film Festival 2009 and the Animation Block Party 2009.

Visit Pigeon Pilfer for more information about the making of the film.

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Tue 04 Aug 2009

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Simon's Cat

Sinon's Cat in Cat-Man-Do

Simon's Cat in Let me in!

We are loving these animations by Simon Tofield - they are so well observed, anyone with a cat will find them hilarious. We suspect that Simon's Cat is related to our very own Tigger as their characteristics seem shockingly similar!

Cat-Man-Do won 'Best Comedy' at the British Animation Awards in March too, so congratulations Mr Tofield!

Simon Tofield is represented in the UK by Tandem Films.

Tue 27 May 2008

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