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English for Tiny Tots

I just saw these book illustrations over on kris's color stripes. They're from a Latvian book, English for Tiny Tots, Riga 1974 - one of Kris's latest finds.

The colours are really strong and make the illustrations really pop out of the background, teamed up with a lovely slab serif and what's not to like!

Images copyright kris's color stripes.

Fri 29 May 2009

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From the reference box #42

#42 - Czech matchbook covers.
I think they're celebrating something on the 1st May - Karviná II? or is that the brand name?? who knows. What I love about them is how wonderfully Constructivist they look. The 2 colours and the bold graphics of machinery and tools are fantastic.

Does anyone know if there are more in this set?

Thu 28 May 2009

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Nursery Rhymes

Sub-Studio have created these great 2 colour screen prints of 3 classic nursery rhymes; The Crooked Man, Rally! and Rain, Rain, Go Away. They're currently available for pre-order here and will ship early June.

Images copyright Sub-Studio.
Via Notcot.

Wed 27 May 2009

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From the reference box #41

I found these at the weekend at a flea market for a £1 - a deck of CP Air (Canadian Pacific Airlines) Playing Cards for inflight entertainment. I love the corporate orange and how simple they are - very minimalist.

So, #41 - Deck of CP Air Playing Cards.

For more reference box goodies have a look here.

Tue 26 May 2009

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Photographer Kim Høltermand

Gorgeous architectural photography from Danish photographer Kim Høltermand. I love the contrast and dramatic compositions.

Images copyright Kim Høltermand.
Via QBN.

Fri 22 May 2009

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Found Type #3

See more found type here and here, or if you prefer have a look at some Auto type here and here.

Saul Bass designed Matchbooks

I love these matchbooks found at a flea market by the very lucky Mary & Matt. They were designed for US food company Hunt-Wessen by the wonderful Saul Bass Associates, who also created their company logo in 1964...
I saw the full set of matchbooks for the first time at the Design Museum's Saul Bass exhibition in 2004 and remember thinking how great it would be to find some at a carboot sale. It just goes to show it can happen!

Matchbook image copyright Mary & Matt.
Via Oh Joy!

More Which? covers

Finally I got round to scanning in more of the Which? magazines I bought last year. For those that don't know Which? is the monthly publication of the Consumers’ Association, designed by great British design duo Colin Banks and John Miles (co-founders of Banks & Miles) between 1964 and 1993.

I've now scanned in covers up to 1975 - it's taken a while I know, but they're worth the wait. It's great to see the development over the years and from one decade to the next. They definitely illustrate a social history of product development and consumer habits. They'll be uploaded to the Flickr group later this evening.

Read the previous post about Which? Magazine here and find out more about designers Banks & Miles here.

Illustrator Jenn Ski

I love the colour palettes Jenn Ski uses in her work - they create a lovely nostalgic and retro feel. Her gorgeous illustrations and collages are inspired by her love of modern and mid century design and effortlessly combine bold colours, delicate illustration, patterns and textures. I particularly like the A B C giclée prints (above).

See more of Jenn's work here and check out her studio blog here.

Images copyright Jenn Ski.

Thu 14 May 2009

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The chicks are hatching!!

I apologise in advance for this totally non-design related post, but the Brighton peregrine chicks have started to hatch!

We've been watching the peregrine webcam since early April when they laid 4 eggs, then yesterday the first chick hatched and I'm pretty sure another hatched this morning but I only got a quick glimpse, so I can't be sure.

Above left you can see the chick enjoying it's first feed and above right both parents can be seen checking out their first born. The male is the bird closest to the camera.

You can watch the birds yourself here and catch up on any missed goings on here.

Thu 14 May 2009

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Flavor Paper Wallcoverings

Flavor Paper produce hand-printed vintage, contemporary, and custom wallpapers in the most fantastic and unique designs. From intricate flock patterns to crazy geometric patterns they all have a modern twist - the devil's in the details, as they say!

Via Poppytalk.

Wed 13 May 2009

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From the reference box #40

Pretty new to the reference box is this 1973 guide to the Jungfrau railway in Interlaken, Switzerland. As you would expect from a piece of Swiss design of this era, it's packed full of wonderful logos, typography and adverts.

This centre spread map has the only colour print throughout and just look how slick their chosen palate works with the black & white graphics and illustrations.

Here are a selection of my favourites...

Click here to see what other delights are hiding in our reference box.

Steve Lambert's - Everything you want, right now!

Steve Lambert's solo show, Everything you want, right now! is currently running at LA's Charlie James Gallery until 6 June.

"Lambert takes on the vernacular of commercial signage, with a regional emphasis unique to Los Angeles. Visually, he is interested in what makes certain styles of signage feel so innately familiar, and in the methods that signage employs to grab our attention".

I love the look of the fairground style signs with their flashing light bulbs and quirky messages...

Images copyright Steve Lambert and Charlie James Gallery.
Via SwissMiss.

Sat 09 May 2009

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This is a bullshit free zone.

Thanks Sell! Sell! for the lovely, straight talking poster we received today - it will definitely feel at home in the Delicious studio.

Read more about it here, and email for your own copy.

Fri 08 May 2009

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Dick Bruna Book Covers

Present & Correct have a set of 3 Dick Bruna designed books available in their online store. The graphics are great - big and bold - exactly what you would expect from Mr Bruna!

See more Dick Bruna items here and here.


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