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Designer Wood Blocks

If It's Hip, It's Here have rounded up a great selection of designer, wood blocks from architectural building blocks, to the more traditional typographic alphabet style.

It's not too surprising that the typographic ones appeal to me the most. The ones above especially caught my eye with their winning combination of simple graphic illustrations and eclectic mix of typestyles. They're available from notNeutral, the fabulous online store from LA based, Rios Clementi Hale Studios.

Another set that I hadn't seen before was this Neutraface Slab one from House Industries showcasing the different weights of their Neutraface font on each face.

Top images copyright notNeutral. Bottom images copyright House Industries.
Via Notcot.

Buffalo Prints

Hero Design Studio have just finished a great set of 4 limited edition posters for Buffalo Rising. They were commissioned, "to create, design and print four distinct Buffalo-themed prints. The results are four unique, beautiful, hand-crafted prints which capture different parts of the Buffalo identity".

Above are my favourite two - the typography and bold colours are great and I really love the industrial style graphics of the 'steel' one. Each print is a 16" x 20" screenprint in an edition of 150 and can be bought here or in person at Hero Boutique, 93 Allen Street in Buffalo, NY.

Images copyright Hero Design Studio.

Fri 04 Sep 2009

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Polaroid Limited Edition

Urban Outfitters have collaborated with The Impossible Project to, 'bring instant photography back to life'. The special edition Polaroid camera and 10 pack of type 779 instant film are available instore and online, but in limited numbers so don't wait too long if you want one. The 10 pack of instant film is also sold separately for those who already have a Polaroid camera.

Images copyright Urban Outfitters.

Fri 28 Aug 2009

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Harper Haute Couture!

French fashion house Celine, famous for their luxury clothing, handbags, accessories and footwear have created a 'resort wear' collection using the wonderful work of Charley Harper, as a tribute to the late illustrator.

Unfortunately the Celine website is under going a facelift at the moment, but I've found some of the items online here, here, here and here.

Images copyright Celine.
Via Charley Harper Blog.

Wed 12 Aug 2009

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Natsko Seki

Japanese illustrator Natsko Seki has some really great work on her website - it's wonderfully whimsical and a little surreal. I love how she combines illustration and collage to create a warm, nostalgic feel.

If you love Natsko's work as much as we do you'll be pleased to know that some of her limited edition prints are available over at Design Supremo.

Images copyright Natsko Seki.

Wed 15 Jul 2009

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Hobby Stamp Blocks at Present & Correct

Present & Correct have these gorgeous Dutch stamps from the 70's available in blocks of 4. They have 3 different 'Hobby' themed designs left - painting, music and ballet.

Images copyright Present & Correct.

Tue 14 Jul 2009

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Typographic jewellery

I just came across the work of Berdene du Toit on The Ampersand and I love it - type and jewellery - what's not to like?

Canadian based Berdene handcrafts each letterform out of MDF, sands it down and then sprays or paints it to give the desired finish. Her pieces vary from single letterform earings/necklaces to elaborate multi-piece designs (as above). These long chains (below) are my favourite though, particularly the yellow one with the little dangling 'i'.

Checkout the full range of Berdene's fabulous jewellery here.

Images copyright Berdene du Toit.
Via The Ampersand.

Secret Blisters 09 - Posters Now Online!

Print Club London have put the remaining Secret Blisters 09 posters in their online store and don't worry, all the artists have now been revealed!

Contributing artists include Anthony Burrill, Andy Smith, Si Scott, Jon Burgerman, Steve Wilson, Richard Hogg and Eine.

Above from left to right is work by Anthony Burrill, Abi Williams and Andy Smith.
Images copyright of the artists.

Which iphone case?

I've been on the look out for a new iphone case recently and found lots of variety - some good, some bad and some just plain weird, so I thought I'd share...

For the designer...

'Curated by Arkitip' have the best of the graphic cases and the most fun ones. Above left features work from New York-based studio HunterGatherer and above right features original artwork from Dutch artist Parra. Both can be bought here.

"Curated by Arkitip is a project designed for Incase, aimed at delivering artistically embellished Apple© products to users who have an appreciation for the creative arts and technology".

For the fashionista...

A bit of luxury and drama - these textured cases from Ultra-case would look at home in any designer handbag. Not sure I can get on board with the snake skin though.

For the thrill-seeker...

Durable rubber cases, molded to give extra protection and better grip. Above left is extreme sports manufacturer Oakley's offering and above right is the Vroom case from Case-mate. These cases are crying out to be hurtled down a mountain or screeched around a race track - bit too manly for me, although the Vroom one is also available in red and yellow!

For the brave...

Cases to get you noticed -scarily I think these two cases are actually my favourite. They're from Incase who have the best range of colours including metallics and fluorescents - there really is one to match every 80's outfit you own!

And finally, for those who like dressing-up...

Not sure why you would want to make your beautifully designed iphone look like something else, but if you do there are some options out there.

For example, above left is the Homade ChocoCase to disguise your iphone as a bar of chocolate (why??) available here and above right is the elusive Gameboy iphone cover, which has apparently been spotted in Japan, but no-one knows (or can find out) where to buy one. If you really want one of these though, you could do what GeekMorgan did and print out your own lifesize Gameboy front and stick it inside a clear case!

Wed 24 Jun 2009

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Type Tees

da da da studio have a large selection of type t-shirts on their website, including a classic, Cooper Black, Avant Garde Medium, Frutiger Black, Futura Medium and of course, everyone's favourite Helvetica Bold! I love the attention to detail and the fun little label in the collar.

Images copyright da da da studio.
Via Fleuron.

Mon 22 Jun 2009

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Defiant Youth - New Shepard Fairey print

Defiant Youth is the new Shepard Fairey / OBEY screenprint available to buy at a random time on Tuesday 9 June for $55. The prints are an edition of 450, signed, numbered and limited to 1 per person/household.

Don't think I'll be attempting to buy this one - it's not one of my favourites, but I'm sure it'll be a sound investment for those that do.

Image copyright OBEY.
Via OMG Posters.

Sat 06 Jun 2009

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Flavor Paper Wallcoverings

Flavor Paper produce hand-printed vintage, contemporary, and custom wallpapers in the most fantastic and unique designs. From intricate flock patterns to crazy geometric patterns they all have a modern twist - the devil's in the details, as they say!

Via Poppytalk.

Wed 13 May 2009

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Dick Bruna Book Covers

Present & Correct have a set of 3 Dick Bruna designed books available in their online store. The graphics are great - big and bold - exactly what you would expect from Mr Bruna!

See more Dick Bruna items here and here.

The Colour of Money

I love these colour-in one dollar bills from Atypyk - not quite making you own money, but not far off! Such a simple, fun idea.

They come in packs of 100 for 9 Euro.

Images copyright Atypyk.
Via Inspire Me Now.

Tue 28 Apr 2009

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Your Portrait Drawn by Michel Gondry

Amongst the wonderful items available on Michel Gondry's website is the opportunity to have your portrait drawn and signed by the man himself.

Simply place your order, then email a pic of yourself and Gondry will personally draw your portrait and send it back to you within 6-8 weeks for only $19.95!

Via CR Blog.

Wed 22 Apr 2009

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