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The Ampersand

How great is this site, devoted solely to the humble Ampersand. There are some great 'found' ampersands on signage and some funny food Ampersands, but I'm not sure about the Ampersand tattoo's - that really is taking your love of typography to the extreme.

Via Swiss Miss.

Thu 29 May 2008

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Simon's Cat

Sinon's Cat in Cat-Man-Do

Simon's Cat in Let me in!

We are loving these animations by Simon Tofield - they are so well observed, anyone with a cat will find them hilarious. We suspect that Simon's Cat is related to our very own Tigger as their characteristics seem shockingly similar!

Cat-Man-Do won 'Best Comedy' at the British Animation Awards in March too, so congratulations Mr Tofield!

Simon Tofield is represented in the UK by Tandem Films.

Tue 27 May 2008

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How cool is this? It's 'Ant'ique wallpaper', by Copenhagen based design studio, GAMplusFRATESI and the winning project of 'New Walls, please! 2007', a design competition run by the German Design Council and a.s.Creation.

"Seen from distance the wallpaper seems simply an antique baroque motive, but coming closer you will discover that thousands of ants are crawling on the walls creating this baroque wallpaper..."

Thanks Mike for the link!

Sun 25 May 2008

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A Century of Olympic Posters

The V&A Museum of Childhood is running an Olympic Poster retrospective until 7 September 2008 to "explore the fascinating representation of the Olympic Games through the intensely visual medium of the poster" and to coincide with the Beijing Games. It's a great opportunity to see these iconic designs in the flesh.

And for those of you who can't make it down to Bethnal Green there is a book, 'A Century of Olympic Posters' and some reproductions of the original posters available online from the V&A shop.

Sat 24 May 2008

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Rip-off Car Company Logos

Still on a car theme today and I came across these (mainly Chinese) rip-offs of big car manufacturer's logos - Toyota seems to be a favourite!

They are from Car Type, a great car website with loads of information about every car manufacturer you (well I) can think of, their history, logos and their advertising. Be warned though, an hour can easily be lost reading through all the info - but today I can get away with it, all in the name of research!

Fri 23 May 2008

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Vintage Car & Racing Motifs

Today we've been busy bees researching vintage motor/ racing graphics and logos for a job we are working on. There are so many great ones - here are just a selection. To see more, visit here and here.

Wed 21 May 2008

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The Magnificent Chatwin Brothers

I came across these great, hand-printed wallpapers today and just want to buy rolls and rolls of them. They're based on old Navy tattoos and were created by the Magnificent Chatwin Brothers. Both designs are 3 colour prints; ‘Swallows’ (pink, petrol blue & white), ‘Skulls’ (black, white & pink) and are available from Beyond the Valley for £140 per 10 x 0.5m roll.

Tue 20 May 2008

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Camera Tossing

This is fantastic, we've all moved our cameras around at night with the shutter open and got blurry trails of lights, but this takes it one step further. The phenomenon, known as 'Camera Tossing' seems to have started with a Flickr group, created by Ryan Gallagher, called Camera Toss. The group has currently has over 5000 members and over 3500 posted images.

The most common throwing techniques are apparently, "flipping end over end where the lens sweeps a full 360 degrees or more, spinning on the lens axis facing the subject, chaotic (a mixture of motion), and flat (simple up and down with as little rotation as possible)." I can see the news now, "Insurance companies across the country are baffled by a huge surge in camera related claims...".

Via Colour Lovers. Image by Clickykbd.

Mon 19 May 2008

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Animals on the Underground

Tube journeys will never be the same again, now I've seen Animals on the Underground. There are 32 to date, the first being the elephant spotted in 1988 by Paul Middlewick on his daily commute. Since then more and more animals have been spotted, and are still being spotted - they even have their own merchandise!

The site supports the work done by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). They have teamed up to create promotional posters and campaign t-shirts to help 'Stop Whale & Seal Hunting' and to 'Ban Ivory trade' - 50% of all campaign t-shirt profits are donated to the charity.

Via It's Nice That.

Sat 17 May 2008

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From the reference box #9

This was a carboot find a few years back and has been nestled in the reference box ever since. It's a 1961 Nebro Photographic Catalogue, mainly in black and white, but with a few colour pages. The product images and colour reproduction have a fantastic quality and there are some sweet little bits of type too.

There we have it #9 - 1961, Nebro Photographic Catalogue

Modern Toss: Museum of Urban Shit Naks

Modern Toss have created a 'Museum of Urban Shit Naks' to celebrate Brighton Fringe Festival, it includes a lifesize Alan, a selection of decorative wall-mounted ceramic Shit-Frisbees and a four hundred pound hand-knitted Book-Cosy.

You can see it in all it's glory at Ink-d, an independent Brighton gallery throughout this month.

Tue 13 May 2008

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From the reference box #8

We have a great collection of fruit labels here at Delicious - here are some of our favourites. The detail is fantastic and the bold graphics, bright colours and simple print give them a lovable charm - who wouldn't want to collect them?

#8 - Selection of fruit labels

Tue 13 May 2008

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Visions of America at Crane Kalman

If you do pop down to the coast for the Brighton Festival make sure you visit photography gallery, Crane Kalman situated in the heart of the lanes. Throughout May until the 8 June they are running, ‘Visions of America’ an exhibition showcasing work from Jeff Liao and Christoph Morlinghaus.

I love the contrast of these two collections shown together, Liao’s images are very raw and colourful, whereas Morlinghaus captures a nostalgic faded glory in his black and white images, as shown above in ‘Great White 2, 2007’. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Artizan Editions at Castor + Pollux

Brighton Gallery, Castor + Pollux are hosting a great exhibition, ‘Artizan Editions: A printmaking retrospective’ as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe 3 – 26 May. The exhibition is a retrospective of the publishers and proponents of original art in print - Artizan Editions.

We were lucky enough to have a sneak preview at the weekend and it really is a great collection of work from printmaking greats like Bridget Riley and Brian Rice . Plus it’s right on the beach – what more could you want?

Thu 08 May 2008

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From the reference box #7

You've got to love this - advertising in it's simplest form. Some kids in the local area started a car washing business last Summer and popped these on all the cars.

Exhibit #7 - Hand written car wash flyer


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