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From the reference box #116

#116 - Cover of (what I think is) a Hawker P.1067 advertising supplement in the 30 November 1951 issue of 'Flight' magazine.

I bought it purely for it's unusual cover and the big yellow block of colour. Originally I thought it was an issue of Flight magazine, but it's actually full of Hawker Aircraft Ltd. history, from biplanes to their 'new' Hawker P.1067 - the aircraft that broke the sound barrier for the first time in April 1952.

Whilst trying to find out about this publication I came across Flight Global, a great resource with every (or almost every) issue of Flight magazine from 1909 to 2004 scanned in page-by-page for all to view. Some of the old ads are great - well worth a look.

Information on Hawker P.1067 from Thunder & Lightnings

Mon 26 Sep 2011

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Retro Tesco at Goodwood Revival 2011

I was very happy to see the Retro Tesco back for a second year at Goodwood Revival this weekend - a typical 1960's Tesco store, complete with products in vintage packaging (many of which were for sale), period dressed staff and authentic signage.

The shelves were stacked with a mix of vintage products and packages for display purposes only that sat alongside modern products with classic packaging (like Lyon's Golden Syrup and Wrigley's Chewing Gum) and modern products re-packaged in a vintage style that could all be purchased.

I loved the single product displays like Double Diamond and Fairy with loads of the products stacked high. It's great to see all the old packages on the shelves together and really good fun buying them at the 60's style check-out. I hope it's there again next year!

If you want to have a virtual tour of the Retro Tesco there's a short video here.

Auto Type XVII

Auto Type XVII - more delicious logos from the world of automobiles. There are some gorgeous big numbers in this selection - my favourite is the 260/V8 at the top.

It's Goodwood Revival this weekend - 3 days of classic racing, so stand by for lots more auto type in the coming weeks!

If you can't wait to see more, take a look at our previous Auto Type posts here or check out our Flickr set.

United Nations Postage Stamps

These gorgeous UN postage stamps are my favourites from Aqua Velvet's post, 'United Nations Postage Stamps - Part 1' showcasing some of their collection. I love the bright colours and bold graphics, especially the big silver arrow on the one above. Really looking froward to seeing part 2!

Images copyright Aqua Velvet.
Via Notcot.

Sat 10 Sep 2011

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LA Artist David Buckingham

I came across an article this weekend in Dazed & Confused about LA artist, David Buckingham and the fact that he is Wrangler's muse for their new Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection.

It's the first time I've seen David's work and now I'm desperate to see one of his shows. His pieces are fantastic. They're created from cut and welded scrap/ found metal and they're amazingly big, bold and brash. Many incorporate lines from films or song lyrics, and others are pop-art style typographic and graphic masterpieces. And when I say big, I mean big...

For those of you lucky enough to be in Berlin this month, make sure you check out David's latest exhibition, Hung Like Elvis at Kit Schulte Contemporary which just opened on the 2nd September.

All images copyright David Buckingham.

Mon 05 Sep 2011

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