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Vintage Sewing Machine Logos


Image copyright Couthy Quine

I've been looking out for a vintage sewing machine recently and have been pleasantly surprised by the number of beautifully lettered logos I've come across. Most people are familiar with the old Singer logo but there are so many more. Here are a selection collected from Flickr...

Image copyright susannaryan

Image copyright Crafty Dogma

Image copyright dilemmaname

Image copyright Duncan Creamer

Image copyright Andrea Maria

Image copyright Julie

Image copyright Kirsten Schueler

Image copyright Leslie

Image copyright Nancy Lehrer

Image copyright Observe The Banana

Image copyright Peter O'Dwyer

Image copyright SurrendrDorothy

Image copyright susannaryan

Image copyright Bryan Costin

Wed 19 Jun 2013

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Unexplainable Black & White Photos

Here's some Friday amusement with a selection of pics from BuzzFeed's '50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos'. Bizarre and weirdly wonderful vintage photographs from Matt Stopera's Tumblr that just leave you wondering - why?

Via Ffffound!

Fri 14 Jun 2013

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Australian Art Deco & Art Deco Style Signage

These beautiful Art Deco and Art Deco style signs are from Truffle Pig's 'Type Tour - of Potts Point', "Extensively developed from the 1920s through to World War II, the neighbourhood boasts some of Australia's best examples of Art Deco architecture and many of the gracious apartment buildings are adorned with beautiful examples of custom signage".

I'm lucky that Brighton has many wonderful examples of Art Deco architecture & signage, but when you see them so regularly it's easy to take them for granted. I often think about taking the camera out and shooting them properly, but I never seem to find the time. These pics have inspired me to finally do it though, so watch this space.

Images copyright Truffle Pig.
Via Notcot.

Thu 13 Jun 2013

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Invasive Species

Phone masts disguised as trees are a constant source of amusement on my travels. They can be spotted easily at a distance, as easily in fact as a regular mast, but I love the lengths someone has gone to trying to blend them into the environment.

These wonderful images are the work of South African photographer Dillon Marsh. Thanks to Vic at Sell! Sell! for sending us the link. The series, 'Invasive Species' explores, 'the relationship between the environment and the disguised towers of Cape Town and its surrounds'.

The very first one was allegedly erected in South Africa in 1996 so it seems fitting that Dillon's series is based around the country. See his full collection here and while you're there check out his images of large man-made everyday objects, 'Giants Among Men'!

Images copyright Dillon Marsh.

Mon 10 Jun 2013

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The Lancashire Coast

I was thrilled to see this Daphne Padden poster on Quad Royal this morning. I'm a Lancashire lass and know the Lancashire coast has some wonderful seaside towns; St Annes with it's Victorian grandeur, Fleetwood steeped in fishing history and my favourite, Blackpool with it's mixture of faded glory and tacky arcades.

As much as I love these towns though, I never remember any of them looking as lovely as Daphne illustrates them!

Image from Quad Royal.

Thu 06 Jun 2013

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Auto Type XXVXII

Auto Type XXVXII - from Billing Hot Rod Show a selection of mainly american automobile badges with wonderful lettering as always.

Lots of weathered emblems and patina paint in this bunch but that just adds to their beauty. I particularly like the Country Squire and the Ranch Wagon - two I haven't seen before!

Check out our other Auto Type here or go to our Flickr set.


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