Giant Sellotape Tin

The vintage Sellotape tins have become a bit of an obsession and I now have quite a collection including this fabulous example. It's a large (165mm [6.5"] high & 120mm [4 5/8"] diameter) tubular tin designed to hold a stack of 12 individual tins.

I think this is how they were sold to retailers/trade, so I don't think they were ever available to the general public unless they were buying 12 rolls!

I love this tape on the side with the contents information on...

This was the only large Sellotape tin I had ever seen on Ebay but this current listing has 8 tins in total, 2 of which are like this. I desperately want the two with the black stripes on, but I'm holding back. I think there's a limit to the number of Sellotape tins any one person should own and I've definitely already passed it, especially as I bought an older version of this one last night! (below).

See more of my vintage Sellotape tins here and here.

Tue 08 Feb 2011

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