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Get your Skates on!

Loving this new 'Rollerboots' card from the Lisa Jones Studio, it's one of the new additions to her online store. As is this fabulous limited edition, monochromatic print 'Two up, Two Down'...

There's also 1 of the 'Lovebirds' (below) limited edition prints left, so be quick!

Images copyright Lisa Jones.

Fri 28 May 2010

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Spring clean!

"Dusts, Cleans & Polishes in one operation".

These gorgeous polishing dusters/mops for use on cars and furniture are from the 50's and part of my growing Automobilia collection. The 'mop' heads are inside the tins to protect them (they're impregnated with polish) and the wooden handles stick out of the top.

The type is very 50's, especially the 'Handimop' font and I love the illustrations of the man cleaning his car and the woman polishing the table!

For more fabulous Automobilia have a look here, here and here.

Thu 27 May 2010

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Mullard Valves Tested

This wonderful 50's sign makes me smile every morning, so I thought I'd share it with you guys for some Monday inspiration.

It's the printed glass from the front of an illuminated, Mullard's advertising sign given to me by my uncle when he closed his old electrical shop. I just love everything about it - especially the 'Valves Tested' type and the little man's quiff!

Mon 24 May 2010

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From the reference box # 76

#76 - Vintage Photographic Cards. I told you the reference box had been seeing plenty of action over the last few weeks. These photographic studio cards are new additions - 7 in total, all for the bargain price of £1!

I love the typography on the backs of these cards, they're always so decorative and detailed. Interestingly (although maybe not to everyone) 3 of the above cards (top 3) are from the same studio, W. Gothard in Wakefield so you can see the progression of the design. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing the more elaborate design (top) is the earlier card and the simpler, more minimal design (third down) is the later card.

I'll upload these asap to my vintage photographic card Flickr set.

Don't Worry Be Happy Prints now on Etsy!

Don't Worry Be Happy - our new hand letter-pressed prints are now in the Delicious Etsy store!

Printed using vintage wood block letters and black ink onto 150gsm Canford paper they're available in an assortment of fabulous colours...

The prints are an edition of only 10 and each one comes numbered, signed and dated.

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Tue 18 May 2010

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From the reference box # 75

#75 - Vintage American milk bottle caps. The reference box has been seeing a lot of action this last few weeks and these are a couple of the new additions. I love the worn-off print on the bottom one and the typefaces on both are gorgeous - especially the 'milk' one.

For those that don't know the perforated circle in the middle was designed to be punched out using a straw.

Mon 17 May 2010

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From the reference box # 74

#74 - More matchbooks. My very kind dad bought me this collection at a car boot sale for only £3 and this weekend I got my hands on them for the first time. It's a really great collection of 105 mainly 80's matchbooks with only a few doubles. Needless to say I was extremely grateful.

Above is a pic of the whole collection and below are some pics of my favourites covers (please excuse the crappy iPhone pics, I'll scan them all in asap and add them to my Flickr set).
Thanks Dad!

More Country Fair Magazines

Remember the Country Fair Magazines I posted about last year, well this weekend I was lucky enough to find a few more!

These new issues also have beautifully illustrated and graphic covers. There are four Jonny Hanna covers (October 1956, July 1957, November 1957 and June 1958) and one by children's book illustrator, John Lobban (the orange bat one - April 1958).

I can't wait to find more of these - fingers crossed I'll be lucky again soon.

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Paul Catherall at Castor + Pollux

Well the Brighton Festival is now in full swing and to celebrate, our friends at Castor + Pollux are showing new linocuts from the wonderful Paul Catherall.

We're big fans of his work and can't wait to see the exhibition which includes a print of Brighton's infamous Embassy Court building (top), which is available at the special price of £250 (unframed) when ordered before the 15 May or bought at the private view evening.

The private view on the evening of Friday 14 May kicks off the exhibition which will then run from 15 May - 20 June.

See more work from Paul Catherall here.

Images copyright Paul Catherall, taken from Castor + Pollux.

Fri 07 May 2010

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Political Party Logos

With election fever hitting the UK today, I took the opportunity to delve into the past and look at the changes in the 3 main party logos. It turns out that there isn't much documented online!

Labour proved the most fruitful with the discovery of 3 different logos; the original, 'Liberty' logo (top) in use up to the early 80's, the first rose logo (above centre) and the current graphic rose (immediately above).

I also came across this old ad which I quite like...

I wasn't quite so successful in the Conservative or Tory party search and only turned up the old torch graphic...

and the current tree graphic, which I find weird as green is the predominant colour and not blue..

This search did remind me of the classic Saatchi ad (below) though, which I hadn't seen for a long time.

Most disappointing of all was the Lib Dem search. It turned up nothing despite there being a Lib Dem/Liberal Party/ SDP historical society website. So I'm afraid I can only give you the early 80's SDP logo and the current Lib Dem bird logo...

If anyone has more information about party logo developments, please let me know. In the meantime - Happy Voting!

Images copyright of the individual parties.

Thu 06 May 2010

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From the reference box #73

#73 - Wonder Atlas; An atlas for the air-age (the new up-to-date edition). It cost me 50p and the guy I bought it off looked at me as though I was mad, but it's worth every penny. Just look at the cover for a start with all it's 50's loveliness - I do love a turquoise and a red together too.

There are 24 full colour (up-to-date) maps inside including political, distance by air from London, average distance from a railway in different countries, seaway and airway versions, as well as a 4 page centre supplement of black an white photographs showing cities of the Commonwealth.

It was printed by LP - The Literary Press Ltd. in London (you can see their owl logo with the words, 'In knowledge lies wisdom' on the cover above) on a Collins Clear-Type Press and is a late 50's edition, from 1959 (I think).

Check out more of our reference box items here - I'm sure you'll like what you find!

Mon 03 May 2010

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