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The Ephemera Society Baazar

It's that time of year again - The Ephemera Society Baazar is this Sunday!

Park Inn
92 Southampton Row

Admission is £2.
Open 11 - 4 (members can enter at 10am - so remember to take your cards)

I'm gutted I can't go this time, but let me know if you get any bargains!

Fri 26 Feb 2010

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The Flour Art Museum

Who would have thought that flour bags could be so interesting and so well designed?

The images above are of The Flour Art Museum in Germany started by Volkmar Wywiol, the owner of Mühlenchemie, who after finding a washed-up flour sack in Dubai in 1998 has been collecting them ever since. His amazing collection boasts, "over 1,900 sacks from more than 115 countries".

The museum educates visitors on the history of flour and steam mills, flour mythology, flour sayings, flour facts and flour technology. Not to mention the exhibition rooms showcasing flour sacks from around the world in The World Room - illustrating the, "common language of the international Milling Family, that knows no linguistic or political boundaries", the symbolism of the sack illustrations in The Symbol Room - "the symbols on the sacks are by no means just decorative or a matter of chance. On the contrary: they are references to the great cultural significance of agriculture, corn, flour and bread" and of course the flour sacks themselves which can be seen in Sackotheque - the largest collection of flour sacks in the world stored alphabetically by country of origin.

There's also an exhibition catalogue in both English and German which looks like a great reference book available here.

Images copyright The Flour Art Museum.
An initiative of Mühlenchemie. A member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe.


Vintage Atari Graphics

I love these (presumably 70's) Atari graphics from Minneapolis based designer, Joe Kral's Flickr.

They're the cover graphics from Atari game instruction manuals he's collected over the years. There are loads in the set, but these ones with the rainbow of movement are by far my favourites.

Images copyright Joe Kral.

Wed 24 Feb 2010

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From the reference box # 66

#66 - Modern University Building UK stamps, September 1971. A really striking set of stamps designed by Nicholas Jenkins.

They each utilise large blocks of colour and simple, geometric illustrations to showcase four amazing 'modern' university buildings:

3p - Physical Sciences Building, Aberystwyth University College
5p - Faraday Building, University of Southampton
7 1/2p - Engineering Department, University of Leicester
9p - Hexagon Restaurant, University of Essex

Mine came on this lovely First Day Cover from Middlesex with the stamps images also printed on the envelope...

See more First Day Covers and wonderfully designed stamps in our reference box here.

Mon 22 Feb 2010

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Vintage Firework Packaging

I'd never realised how fantastic firework packaging was until I found the Firework Heritage Museum - a wonderful site by Steve Johnson devoted to 60's, 70's and 80's fireworks, "Original Pains, Brocks, Astra, Rainbow, Standard, Wilders, and Wells Fireworks, Labels and Boxes".

It's not just the bold, bright and somewhat lo-fi graphics that are great either - some of the names are brilliant...

Images copyright Steve Johnson / Firework Heritage Museum.

Serie Waves Surfart - Tom Veiga

I’m loving the simplicity of these Tom Veiga Surfart posters, they’re very beautiful and fresh looking.

Serie Waves
is a collection of work, “inspired by the sensations and feelings that the sea wind, the sun's heat and movement of the waves pass”. They bring together Veiga’s passion for design and his love of surfing, “each wave has a shape, color, a feature unique, and it all inspired me to reflect the beauty of the sea and the waves through the design”.

Check out the Serie Waves Blog for a sneaky peak at new work and information about future exhibitions.

If surf art is your thing, take a look at our surf photography posts here, here and here.

Images copyright Tom Veiga.
Via NotCot.

Sun 14 Feb 2010

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Martin Parr: retrospective of photobooks

Martin Parr's images are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face - they're witty, colourful and superbly captured, so make sure you get down to the Rocket Gallery in fashionable Shoreditch before the 20th Feb and experience them first hand.

The Retrospective of photobooks will be Parr's 8th exhibition at the gallery and sounds fantastic, "Sixty photographic books by Martin Parr, dating from 1974 to 2009, will each be exhibited together with a group of iconic editioned photographs". Quick now, there's only 1 week left!

Images copyright Rocket Gallery.

Sat 13 Feb 2010

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From the reference box # 65

#65 – Cook books from The Stork Cookery Service - ‘Stork Goes Continental’, 1954 and ‘Party Time with Stork’, 1958.

I love the little Stork Magarine recipe booklets and after buying these two recently I decided to find out more about them. Unilever have a little bit of history here...

“Stork was first introduced as a branded margarine in the 1920. In the 1930's, Stork taste tests began on Radio Lyons. Advertising campaigns included "The Energy Giver" to dispel thoughts that margarine was unhealthy. The Stork Cookery Service was launched in 1939 to help housewives discover cooking with margarine when food rationing began.”

When rationing ended in 1954, Stork and The Stork Cookery Service reappeared in the marketplace and over the following 20 years they produced a huge range of booklets and books with instructions and recipes for all ages and all levels of experience; from ‘How to make a Sandwich’ to ‘The Art of Icing’.

Some of the recipes in the party one sound really good, I might have to get my pinny on and bake some cakes this weekend!

If you like these, I’m sure you’ll like the other items in our reference box – have a root here.

Great Valentine's Day Cards

There's still time to buy those Valentine's cards! To help you along, here are some of our favourites...

For our US friends, Hero Design Studio have some great hand-printed cards (above) in their Etsy store including a pack of 12 (4 designs, below) for those with more than one love in their life!

And for those in the UK, Soma Gallery have a large selection of fabulous Lisa Jones cards (below).

How to Work Better

I'm not sure who created this*, but what great rules for being more efficient, enjoying your work and staying sane!

*We just been informed that this was written by Fischli and Weiss and designed by James Goggin - thanks Dick.

Via Inspiration Resource.

Thu 04 Feb 2010

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Crayon Rings by Timothy Liles

How great are these Crayon Rings by Timothy Liles?

I love the idea of being able to draw with big bold, bright rings. They're aesthetically pleasing and functional - the perfect combination!

Get yours here .

Images copyright Designboom.
Via Designboom News.

Goodbye to Edie Harper

Samson and Delilah

Net Prophet

I've just discovered via Grain Edit the sad news that Edie Harper, widow of illustrator Charlie Harper passed away last week aged 87. Edie too was a fantastic illustrator - very similar in style to her husband, but often described as more whimsical. She was also a very talented painter and photographer.

Her work mostly focused on Biblical stories (above) and cats (below),"She loved cats forever and felt that stories from the Bible provided her with some good design ideas", said her son Brett, who runs the Harper Art Studio.


There is a full Memoriam for Edie Harper here which tells of her wonderful talents and her life with husband Charlie Harper.

Edie Harper prints can be seen and purchased here.

Images copyright Edie Harper / Harper Estate.

Mon 01 Feb 2010

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Saul Bass: Making money v's Quality work

Words of wisdom from the wonderful Saul Bass - Monday inspiration!

More Saul Bass inspiration here and here.

Copyright Prof. Archie Boston.
Via Hero Design Studio.

Mon 01 Feb 2010

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