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Farmers' Market Prints from Yee-Haw Industries

I love everything about these hand letter-pressed posters from Yee-haw Industries for the Knoxville Tennessee Regional & Organic Farmers' Market - the type setting, the fonts, the design and the giant, vegetable illustrations.

They're all available* from their Etsy store, be warned though, there are lots of great prints and posters in there - you will want to buy everything!

* UK peeps check out the shipping policies as there is a minimum order (but that shouldn't be a problem!)

Images copyright Yee-Haw Industries.


Yay! Our Howdoos have just come back from the printers.

Howdoos are business cards with blanks on the reverse ready to be personalised. There are currently two designs - hello in bright pink...

and nice to meet you in black...

Both cards are hand letter-pressed onto grey board, so the print has lots of lovely texture and they smell delicious!

We'll be selling them in packs of ten from next week, so watch this space.

Wed 10 Mar 2010

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The Ephemera Society Baazar

It's that time of year again - The Ephemera Society Baazar is this Sunday!

Park Inn
92 Southampton Row

Admission is £2.
Open 11 - 4 (members can enter at 10am - so remember to take your cards)

I'm gutted I can't go this time, but let me know if you get any bargains!

Fri 26 Feb 2010

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Great Valentine's Day Cards

There's still time to buy those Valentine's cards! To help you along, here are some of our favourites...

For our US friends, Hero Design Studio have some great hand-printed cards (above) in their Etsy store including a pack of 12 (4 designs, below) for those with more than one love in their life!

And for those in the UK, Soma Gallery have a large selection of fabulous Lisa Jones cards (below).

Crayon Rings by Timothy Liles

How great are these Crayon Rings by Timothy Liles?

I love the idea of being able to draw with big bold, bright rings. They're aesthetically pleasing and functional - the perfect combination!

Get yours here .

Images copyright Designboom.
Via Designboom News.

Half price posters!

There's some great half price posters over on Bandito Design Co. in their Christmas sale. These are my favourites - $10 each - bargain!

Images copyright Bandito Design Co.
Via Stickers and Stuff.

Crumpet and Skirt

Big thanks to Elizabeth Pinnock for getting it touch to tell us about, Crumpet and Skirt her lovely new website created to, "indulging her love of all things vintage".

She has a gorgeous selection of vintage style products from greetings cards to tea-towels all featuring, "saucy 50s ladies, tastefully attired in vintage undies and assuming a range of coquettish poses". There's feisty redhead Rita (seen above on Santa Baby), classic pin-up girl Marilyn, demure and frothy brunette Vivien and blonde bombshell Veronica.

All the above products are available here and as Elizabeth says, "civilised and saucy, there’s no need to hide them when Granny comes for Tea".

Images copyright Crumpet and Skirt.

The Orange Series

This great new series of 2 colour screen prints from Popcorny - 'The Orange Series' are fantastic. I love the orange and brown colour combo - very retro. Together with the bold blocks of colour and patterns they create a very nostaglic feel.

I think they'd make super Christmas presents and are available on their Etsy store.

Images copyright Popcorny.
Via Notcot.

An Apple A Day…

I love the new version of David Weik’s classic, 'An Apple A Day' letterpress poster. It's a great way to collect those cute little fruit stickers (check out some of my collection here) and you know what they say about an apple a day - so it will help you stay healthy too.

"Just peel the little variety sticker from every apple you eat and affix it to a square. Keep it interesting. Try a Belle De Boskoop, a Newtown Pippin, how about a Peasgood Nonsuch, or maybe a Turley Winesap. There's no shortage of combinations and imagine how good you'll feel, when, after a years time, you've filled each square with a colorful little sticker."

The poster is 18 x 23" and available here for $24.

Artwork ©2009 Vik LLC.
Via SwissMiss.

Tue 01 Dec 2009

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Bruno Munari's Più e meno [Plus and minus]

I saw this great game, Pié e Meno or Plus and Minus, in a local design shop this week. It's a reprint of a Bruno Munari and Giovanni Belgrano collaborative game originally produced in 1970.

The game consists of 72 cards, 48 of which have transparent backgrounds. The cards can be superimposed to create new images and, "stimulate the child’s creative capacities" - the more the layers, the more complex the image. I know lots of adults that would enjoy this game as much as any child though - me for one!

It's available to buy online from the publisher, Corraini and also here.

Images copyright Corraini.

Fri 13 Nov 2009

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The Visual Miscellaneum

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this info graphics book from Harper Collins, it looks fantastic.

The Visual Miscellaneum: A colourful guide to the world's most consequential trivia (or Information is Beautiful as it will be known in the UK) is the baby of London based author, writer, blogger and designer, David McCandless, a self-confessed fan of, "anything strange and interesting".

Here are some preview pics from Information is Beautiful. It's definitely my kind of book - loads of big graphics and very little text.

It was released in the states yesterday and can be bought here, but in the UK we have to wait until 4 February 2010! It can be pre-ordered here though.

Images copyright David McCandless.
Via Notcot.

Autumn print from Hero

I love this new Autumn print from Hero Design Boutique, I think it totally captures the spirit of the season.

Beth at Hero says, "Autumn is my favorite season of them all. I love all the colors, the brisk air and the smell of the drying leaves. Every year I find myself in the most wonderful mood come mid October! This year I finally decided to capture that feeling in a print".

The prints are limited edition 5 color, 8" x 10" screen prints, printed on Accent Opaque Smooth White 100# and signed by the lovely folk over at Hero.

This print, and other great silk screen posters from Hero are available here and here.

Image copyright Hero Design Boutique.

The Graphic Eye

Finally we got our hands on the great new Rotovision book, The Graphic Eye by Stefan G. Bucher which showcases, 'Photographs by International graphic designers'.

Big thanks to Stefan and his team for including our images (above) in the book it's an honor to have them published along side the work of great designers like Ed Fella.

Huge congrats also to our friends at Sell! Sell! who had three of their great Polaroids published in this book too (below).

NYC Subway Destination Scroll Prints

Winter Works on Paper have a wonderful selection of these c.1940 NYC Subway Destination Scrolls that can be ordered as 30 x 19" prints. The type and numbers are gorgeous and with all that black, they certainly have loads of impact - perfect for any studio or apartment.

Seeing these reminded me of the London Bus Blinds I posted about a while back which would also make an excellent talking point in the home or studio.

Images copyright Winter Works on Paper.
Via ffffound.

Wed 14 Oct 2009

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Andy Smith's Blue Inks

Big thanks to illustrator Andy Smith for sending us a copy of 'Blue Inks', his new limited edition screen printed book, we're very honored and we love it!

The 30 page book is packed with fantastic typography and illustration throughout as it, "follows the exploits of a gang of colour specific creatures" - very niche, but very funny. My favourite scene has to be the blue inks' fight with some magentas (below)!

'Blue Inks' and loads more of Andy's wonderful illustrations are available here. Also check out the work he's just completed with our friends Sell! Sell! for Fish4 here.

Images copyright Andy Smith.


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