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The Cloudy Collection

The Cloudy Collection: Volume 1, Edition 1 is a great set of letterpressed prints with work from illustrators, Meg Hunt, Bill Fick, John Martz, Amy Crehore, Tom Kaczynski, Steven Weissman and David Huyck, all themed on Cloudy Characters.

The edition is limited to 100. Each set contains all seven, 4 x 6" prints for only $35 + $10 shipping to the UK (free shipping to US & Canada).

Images copyright The Cloudy Collection.
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Wed 22 Apr 2009

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Fantastych Triptychs

Lord Bodner’s Octopus - taken from a copperplate engraving created by Lord Bodner in 1826

Caspari Horse - inspired by a photo of an aristocratic woman & her champion horse

Khefrie's Flamingo

Fantastych Triptychs is a range of photographs, scientific illustrations and silhouettes printed as large triptych giclée prints by Natural Curiosities, a Los Angeles based, trade-only retailer of educational prints.

These triptychs and many others will be part of a public sale on 25 April. Each one is $995 and comes with four of their beautiful Curiosity Boxes containing 14 nature themed prints

I love the contrast on the Caspari horse - definitely my favourite.

Images copyright Natural Curiosities.
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Ampersand Marquee Light

How great is this fairground style light from Urban Outfitters?? I love it's quirkiness and the fact that it kind of looks homemade.

It's one of their Marquee Lights (they also do an @ sign) only available online with shipping restricted to mainland US. Unfortunately they don't seem to be listed on the UK site for some reason.

They should create a full alphabet in the same style, that would be really cool, although at $178 each it could get pricey to spell out anything!

Images copyright Urban Outfitters.
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Tue 14 Apr 2009

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Paul Catherall Lino Prints

These architectural prints could easily be mistaken for vintage prints, but they are in fact the new works of illustrator Paul Catherall.

His prints are bold and striking and depict famous architectural structures from around the world in a very clean, precise way. His work is influenced by commercial art of the 50's and 60's which is probably why I like it so much.

"Catherall displays an expert eye for composition and colour; and great draughtsmanship, achieving ultimately a delicate balance between classic commercial design and contemporary urban landscape. His linocuts have become synonymous with Transport for London and Tate Modern."

The architectural prints are currently available at Castor + Pollux, Brighton and the London Transport posters are available here.

Images copyright Paul Catherall.

The Wonderful Work of Tad Carpenter

Big thanks to Tad Carpenter for his email and kind words about our blog.

You might remember some of Tad's work from the Grain Edit Giveaway - his illustrations are bold and bright with a good sprinkling of quirky, fun typography.

'HI' (above) is acrylic on wood, but much of his work is silk screened at Vahalla Studios - a business he shares with Dan Padavic producing gig posters and "other awesome silkscreen goodies".

Have a look at Tad's portfolio here, check out his blog, or stop by his online store which is packed full of his lovely prints.

Images copyright Tad Carpenter.

Lisa Jones Screen Prints

We are massive fans of Lisa Jones cards and illustrations, and were thrilled to see she is now doing screen prints (50 x 70cm) - 'Night Owl' and 'Town'.

They're available from Lisa Jones Studio, Elphicks and our favourite local gallery, Castor + Pollux.

See more Lisa Jones work here.

Images copyright Lisa Jones.

Contact Card Game

Present & Correct have a copy of the Contact Card Game available.

"Perhaps tube maps inspired this collectible game, very popular with children and lovers of graphics alike. Originally made in the 70s, designed in London, it's a very simple creation. The 2"x2" cards can be placed in an infinite variety of ways to make the coolest patterns! "

It's boxed and comes with it's original instructions. More information here.

Images copyright Present & Correct.

Thu 26 Mar 2009

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'Gentry' Mens Fashion Magazine

I love the colour and typography on these covers of Gentry - a men's fashion magazine from the 50's.

Published by Reporter Publications and founded by William C. Segal it covered fashion, style, sports and art, but for some reason it only ran for 22 issues.

There's currently a full set available on Ebay for $599!! and some individual issues available here.

Remember these?

They're Letraset drawers, for keeping all your Letraset sheets clean and tidy. No design studio was complete without a set in the 70's and 80's!

I found this set at Present & Correct. They're so retro looking, surely there must be a modern day use for them - stationary storage, as an in & out tray perhaps or even a cool place to actually keep all the scraps of Letraset you just can't part with despite having not used it for a decade??

By the way, if you are one of the designers with stacks of half used sheets it's about time you put them to use - remember our post about Marcus Fischer's Alphabirds?

Images copyright Present & Correct.

Fri 27 Feb 2009

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Keep Calm and Carry On

I've had a Keep Calm and Carry On reproduction wartime poster for a good few years now and although every person I know now has one too, I still love it - the graphics, the colours, the big type and the straight talking, nonsense message - what's not to like, but it was only recently I found out the story behind the original poster from an article on the BBC News:

"In 1939, with war against Germany looming, the Government designed three posters to steady the public's resolve and maintain morale. These featured the crown of King George VI set against a bold red background, and three distinctive slogans - 'Freedom is in Peril', 'Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution Will Bring Us Victory', and 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.

Two-and-a-half million copies of 'Keep Calm' were printed, to be distributed in the event of a national catastrophe, but remained in storage throughout the war".

It's thought that the unused poster were pulped and only an odd few are known to still exist. One of those being the poster Stuart Manley, an antique book dealer found in a box of books bought at auction, and the one that started this worldwide obsession with the message.

Stuart Manley's bookshop, Barter Books now sell reproductions of all 3 posters (seen above) on their Ebay store.

You can read the full BBC article here.

Images copyright Barter Books.

Alternative Valentine Gifts

There are so many bad cliché Valentine gifts out there that I decided to share some fun, less obvious items I've come across recently.

First up is this fantastic poster for the Ettore Sotass designed, Olivetti 'Valentine' typewriter. Available as a limited edition of 1000 exclusively at the Design Museum.

Secondly this great Ace of Hearts tea-towel. Ok, so maybe a tea-towel isn't the most romantic of gifts, but Manicule's giant playing card design certainly is fun and look, it has hearts and everything - perfect...

Rob Ryan had to be on the list, his prints always have an air of romance about them and he's even created one especially for the occasion (below right). Both these prints and more are available from Soma.

And finally, you can't beat a bit of Marvin Gaye to get you in the mood for love, so these lyrical prints are just perfect. It's Pop, It's Art was a collaborative project between London design studio Airside and EMI Publishing UK - "built upon a love of both music and art".

Below left, lyrics to Marvin Gaye's - What's Going on? and below right lyrics to Primal Scream's - Come Together. Both available in the sale at Soma!


How cute is this Alpha-Robot - I love the ears! He's from a collection of hand-pulled screenprints available at Bold & Noble, many of which are typographic including the one below, a modern version of the iconic 'LOVE' graphic, that would make a great Valentine's Day gift...

Images copyright Bold & Noble.

It's a Stamp World

Viewers Like U have come across a few copies of this great out-of-print Japanese book, It's a Stamp World an amazing collection of stamps from around the world including designs by Aicher, Bruna.

These very kind people are selling off their spare copies here for $50 including postage (not sure if this includes to the UK), hopefully they have some left!

Images copyright Viewers Like U.

Fri 06 Feb 2009

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Visual Aid

Visual Aid: Stuff You've Forgotten, Things You Never Thought You Knew and Lessons You Didn't Quite Get Around to Learning.

I'm a big fan of information graphics and I love all those books full of facts and information you'll never ever need to know, so when I came across this book the other day I was thrilled.

It's packed full of simple and colorful charts, diagrams and illustrations; "Visual Aid provides the answers to the little questions in life in a simple colourful and engaging way. This eclectic collection of illustrations and diagrams will get you up to speed on life's basics".

Learning about science is great, but this book also gives information about the more important things in life, like how to make popular cocktails and how to make shadow animals - now we're talking...

Images from Amazon.

24 Delicious Days of Advent #24

Yeah! Merry Christmas - we've finally reached number 24 and in true advent style this is a big one...

A Mercedes 300SL or a 'Gull Wing' as it's often known. A stunningly beautiful car with bags of style and top of my car wishlist.

Built by Daimler-Benz AG as a fuel-injected, road version of their highly successful 1952 competition sports car, the 300SL was introduced at the New York Auto Show, 1954 as a two-seater sports coupe with characteristic gull-wing doors.

Please Santa if you're reading this, it truly would make a fantastic Christmas gift!



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