Space Travel Guide

I wish this was in my reference box! I found it on Ebay yesterday but unfortunately it has a buy-it-now of $99.99 (£73.15) which is a little steep, even though it would be a great addition to my vintage moving dial collection.

It's a Space Travel Guide from 1958. It must have been a free giveaway with something and has an ad for Dellwood Milk & Dairy Products on the reverse. However, it's the dial I love - the wheel turns to reveal each planet one at a time, giving it's relative size and diameter compared to Earth. The illustrations are great too with really bold and vibrant colours.

Hopefully I'll find a much cheaper version at a boot sale some time soon!

Images from Ebay auction - copyright Designartistic.

Mon 26 Jan 2009

Posted under: Ephemera , Inspiration , Illustration



Make Do Style

01 Jan 2009 08:29 PM

Just put an offer in - you might be the only interested party, send them a q about what if you don’t sell it at x - it does look fab but yes v.overpriced!

Matt Hunter Ross

01 Jan 2009 04:39 AM

way overpriced, but very, very cool.

Delicious Industries

01 Jan 2009 01:24 PM

I might just have to put in an offer, I can’t see it selling at that price and it would be great in my collection!

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