Happy Birthday Apple Macintosh!

24 January 2009 is the 25th anniversary of the Apple Macintosh launch. Of course Apple was going way before this, but Macintosh was the name given to their new breed of computer, launched in 1984.

The Macintosh used an operating system which formed the roots of the OSX systems we use today and it used a mouse, which coined the term MAC - Mouse Activated Computer. It's thought the name Macintosh came from Jef Raskin's (the Apple Macintosh creator's) favourite apple - the McIntosh and the spelling changed to avoid legal problems with an existing company.

Apple launched their new ground-breaking product with a TV ad directed by legendary film-maker, Ridley Scott and aired during the Superbowl on 22 January 1984 - the most expensive ad space in the US. However, unbeknown to many, the ad actually ran for the first time during December 1983 late in the night on a cable channel, in order to qualify for the 1984 creative awards!

Find out more about early Apple computers here.

Image from Business Week.

Sat 24 Jan 2009

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