From the reference box # 99

#99 - Cats and kittens: The magazine for every cat-lover, September 1947. Who can resist cats and kittens? Not me that's for sure, so imagine my delight finding cat related ephemera!

I've been unable to find out much about this monthly publication (other than there is a publication by the same name still going strong today, but in the US). I've found references to this Rolls House Published version dating back to the early 30's, but unfortunately I can't find an exact launch date.

Anyway, even without all the history, it's great that back in the 30's and 40's people loved their cats so much there was a need for a monthly publication and how great is that 'kitten' type?

Check out some of the wonderful cat related ads below...

There are lots more items in our reference box, have a root here.

And watch out for #100, it's going to be a special one!

Tue 15 Feb 2011

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