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On the design nostalgia theme, our friends at Site have lent us some 80's design books to reminisce over (thanks Darren!). Above is 'Graphic Design Materials & Equipment' by Jonathan Stephenson, 1987 - a particularly 80's looking book packed full of essential design tools, or what where the essential design tools back then. These days most of the equipment listed is no longer needed; the crazily fine Rotring pens, the Magic Markers and the Letraset are rarely used in a modern design studio.

It's interesting to see how, back then, some companies which now dominate the design world had more competition, for example, colour systems could be Mecanorma or Pantone, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Apple Macintosh where all used in design studios (although Apple had already begun to dominate) and the main desk-top publishing software was Pagemaker by Aldus (a programme I have a soft-spot for as it was the first computer programme I used on a Mac) with no sign of Adobe anywhere.

I was introduced to an Apple Mac for the first time in the final year of an ND Graphics course, and it was love at first sight - I have never looked back. Yes I sometimes miss the paste-ups, tracing type from Letraset books and buying hundreds of Magic Markers, but would I swop my shiny Apple computer for the chance to do it the old way again - like hell I would!

Tue 17 Jun 2008

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