Food Wheels

How cool are these food wheels? They're made by Chew On This a New York company started by chef, Carlin Greenstein and designer, Annie Stranger to educate people on the benefits of eating locally grown produce.

The top left wheel is an Illustrated Guide to Forty Culinary Herbs, designed to help the user identify the most commonly used herbs and gives tips on the reverse for storage and recipes.

The top right wheel is The New York Area Food Wheel, a guide to the best and most widely available, locally grown produce (local to NY that is) at different times of the year.

I absolutely love moving diagrams and charts, so hopefully the kind people at Chew On This will mail to the UK. Not sure the NY Area wheel will be much use to me over here, but it will look great!

Images copyright Chew On This.
Via SwissMiss.

Wed 29 Oct 2008

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