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A Delicous day out - part 2

So... after a lovely lunch I made my way over to the Design Museum to take in the 'Richard Rogers + Architects' and 'Tim Walker' exhibitions (as well as some of the delicious cake).

Richard Rogers is the influential architect behind the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Lloyds Building and the Millennium Dome, both in London. His work is dynamic, experimental and always pushing the boundaries. The scale models are fantastic. I love the miniature cars and people - there is always one doing something weird, I guarantee it!

It was the Tim Walker exhibition though, that stole the afternoon, it was wonderful. Tim Walker is a renowned fashion photographer whose images regularly grace the pages of Vogue.

His images are fascinating. They are conceptual and imaginative, some are dreamy and elegant while others are beautiful, but chaotic. My favourites are the pastel animals, in particular the cats. The exhibition also displayed some of the over-sized props from the photoshoots, as well as some of Walker's sketchbooks, showing his thought processes, ideas, references and inspirations which give a real insight into his work.

Gilbert Garcin at Arden & Anstruther Gallery

Our favourite photography gallery, Arden & Anstruther are exhibiting the self-portraits of Gilbert Garcin for the next six weeks, and are opening everyday throughout the Petworth Festival (7-21 June). Garcin's images are wonderfully surreal and for me, there is something very Dada about them - I just love them. It is definitely worth a visit.

Image from Arden & Anstruther.

Mon 09 Jun 2008

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From the reference box #10

These are a couple of carboot finds - July and September 1956 issues of an Italian science magazine, 'Scienza e Vita'. The covers are great and really graphic as you can see, but the layout inside is a bit disappointing apart from the quirky diagrams, and the great photographs (some of which are very funny). Of course, I have no idea what any of the text says, but that makes the images all the more amusing.

#10 in the reference box - Italian Science Publications

Then and now

This is a fantastic project by Italian photographer, Matteo Ferrari, called 'Automotive Monogamy'. He finds owners of classic cars who have had the same car for many years and recreates old photographs of them with their car when they first bought it.

Reminds me of a Flickr group, 'Me then, Me now' I read about a few weeks ago where people recreate a childhood photo of themselves. Very funny, and in some cases a little bit weird!
I have also come across a 'Then and now' group, where people recreate old photographs of towns and cities from the same angle and location.

Mon 02 Jun 2008

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Camera Tossing

This is fantastic, we've all moved our cameras around at night with the shutter open and got blurry trails of lights, but this takes it one step further. The phenomenon, known as 'Camera Tossing' seems to have started with a Flickr group, created by Ryan Gallagher, called Camera Toss. The group has currently has over 5000 members and over 3500 posted images.

The most common throwing techniques are apparently, "flipping end over end where the lens sweeps a full 360 degrees or more, spinning on the lens axis facing the subject, chaotic (a mixture of motion), and flat (simple up and down with as little rotation as possible)." I can see the news now, "Insurance companies across the country are baffled by a huge surge in camera related claims...".

Via Colour Lovers. Image by Clickykbd.

Mon 19 May 2008

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Visions of America at Crane Kalman

If you do pop down to the coast for the Brighton Festival make sure you visit photography gallery, Crane Kalman situated in the heart of the lanes. Throughout May until the 8 June they are running, ‘Visions of America’ an exhibition showcasing work from Jeff Liao and Christoph Morlinghaus.

I love the contrast of these two collections shown together, Liao’s images are very raw and colourful, whereas Morlinghaus captures a nostalgic faded glory in his black and white images, as shown above in ‘Great White 2, 2007’. Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

From the reference box #5

Something else from the depths of the Delicious Reference box - one of our vintage photos. This one is superb, it has such great contrast, unfortunately though we have no idea, what type of planes these are, what they are doing flying in a row so close together or who took the picture, but it's still one of our favourites. Enjoy!

So here we are, #5 - vintage, aeroplane photograph

John Severson, Vintage Surf Photography

I recently came across the surf photography of Surfer Magazine creator, John Severson. John was a pro surfer, turned film maker, producing some of the very first surf movies including 'Big Wednesday' and 'Surf Safari' before starting the magazine and turning his time more to surf photography and graphics.

His photos are of the big wave riders from the late 50's and early 60's printed in black and white. Signed versions are available to buy from Surfer Art along with his paintings, block prints and re-prints of his promotional movie posters.

People with magic wands only

Saw this today and it made me smile - if you are going to modify a road sign why stop at giving it a magic wand, and for that matter, why give it a magic wand? Maybe they were trying to conjure up a real pavement??

Wed 09 Apr 2008

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Animal photography

These dark and moody, animal images by Dylan Montgomery are from his 2008 collection of work. His work seems very varied, but I think the animal images are the best by far.

Fri 04 Apr 2008

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Little People

No - not fairies and pixies, but really little, model people in unexpected, everyday places just doing their own thing, or as their creator, Slinkachu puts it, 'Little, hand-painted people, left in London to fend for themselves'...

To see more of this 'tiny street art project' click here and remember to watch out for our tiny friends on a street near you.

Tue 01 Apr 2008

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From the reference box #3

We love collecting these old Photographic Studio cards, the typography and typesetting are always wonderful. They are printed in a single colour onto a smooth board with a portrait and usually some foil blocking on the front, and the studio's details on the reverse as shown above.

Here is #3 - Vintage Photographic Studio Cards

Right, no left, no right

Knowing your left and right is pretty important when you're a sign writer.
Even more so if you're a road-sign writer!

Sat 15 Mar 2008

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