Camera Tossing

This is fantastic, we've all moved our cameras around at night with the shutter open and got blurry trails of lights, but this takes it one step further. The phenomenon, known as 'Camera Tossing' seems to have started with a Flickr group, created by Ryan Gallagher, called Camera Toss. The group has currently has over 5000 members and over 3500 posted images.

The most common throwing techniques are apparently, "flipping end over end where the lens sweeps a full 360 degrees or more, spinning on the lens axis facing the subject, chaotic (a mixture of motion), and flat (simple up and down with as little rotation as possible)." I can see the news now, "Insurance companies across the country are baffled by a huge surge in camera related claims...".

Via Colour Lovers. Image by Clickykbd.

Mon 19 May 2008

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