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The Impossible Project - Re-inventing Instant Film

These gorgeous photos are of the currently disused Polaroid factory in the Netherlands, the once home of Instant Integral production. Unfortunately the production of Polaroid Instant Film came to an end in June 2008 with the closure of the above factory and the Mexican, Instant Pack-film factory. It was sad news too many of us who still had, and loved our Polaroid cameras.

However, there maybe light at the end of the tunnel. A team of ex-Polaroid employees, engineers, chemists and technical specialists have embarked on 'The Impossible Project' to re-start the production of analog Integral Film for vintage Polaroid cameras by 2010!

They've already, "acquired the complete film production equipment in Enschede (NL) from Polaroid, has signed a 10-year lease agreement on the factory building; and has engaged the most experienced team of Integral Film experts worldwide". Their aim, "is NOT to re-build Polaroid Integral film but (with the help of strategic partners) to develop a new product with new characteristics, consisting of new optimised components, produced with a streamlined modern setup. An innovative and fresh analog material, sold under a new brand name that perfectly will match the global re-positioning of Integral Films."

What the team need now is the support of the Polaroid loving public to help fund the research and development. Click here to see how you can help.

Images copyright The Impossible Project.

Thu 20 Aug 2009

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Brighton gallery, Crane Kalman has a great Summer exhibition running at the minute on the theme 'BLUE'. It incorporates work from some really great photographers; Slim Aarons, Rob Carter, Karine Laval, Christopher Morlinghaus, Wendy Pye and Morgan Silk (above), as well as a couple of our personal favourites, Hugh Holland (below top) and Jeff Divine (below bottom)...

The exhibition runs until 30 August, so if you are down at the seaside over the next few weeks take a detour and check it out!

Images copyright (top to bottom): Morgan Silk, Hugh Holland, Jeff Divine.

Wed 05 Aug 2009

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Dark Zoo

Dark Zoo is the latest series from french photographer, Nicolas Evariste. The images are black and white portraits of captive animals in zoos. They're beautiful, but at the same time quite haunting and somber. Check out the full collection here.

Images copyright Nicolas Evariste.
Via Notcot.

Thu 09 Jul 2009

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Photographer Kim Høltermand

Gorgeous architectural photography from Danish photographer Kim Høltermand. I love the contrast and dramatic compositions.

Images copyright Kim Høltermand.
Via QBN.

Fri 22 May 2009

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Found Type #3

See more found type here and here, or if you prefer have a look at some Auto type here and here.

Bridges from around the world

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge (Ponte Juscelino Kubitschek), Brasil. Copyright Bernie Dechant.

Contrasty photography always does it for me and these gorgeous bridge images are no exception - they look so timeless in black and white.

Attracted by the romance and beauty of these fabulous structures, My Modern Met has collected together some of his favourite bridge images...

Unknown Bridge (over River Pó?), Italy. Copyright Alessio Ludovico Bottiroli.

Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia. Copyright Michael Penn.

Firenze Bridge, Italy. Copyright Felicia.

Theodor-Heuss-Brücke, Germany. Copyright Andrj.

Unknown Bridge, Belgium. Copyright Salvatore (a.k.a Little Horse).

Via Notcot.

Tue 05 May 2009

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Happy St George's Day

Today in the UK it's St George's Day. St George is the dragon-slaying patron saint of England, remembered on this day every year.

And what better way to celebrate than with some of Martin Parr's photos showing England in a way only he can.

See a list of St George's Day events in London here.

All images copyright Martin Parr and Magnum Photos.

Thu 23 Apr 2009

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Fantastych Triptychs

Lord Bodner’s Octopus - taken from a copperplate engraving created by Lord Bodner in 1826

Caspari Horse - inspired by a photo of an aristocratic woman & her champion horse

Khefrie's Flamingo

Fantastych Triptychs is a range of photographs, scientific illustrations and silhouettes printed as large triptych giclée prints by Natural Curiosities, a Los Angeles based, trade-only retailer of educational prints.

These triptychs and many others will be part of a public sale on 25 April. Each one is $995 and comes with four of their beautiful Curiosity Boxes containing 14 nature themed prints

I love the contrast on the Caspari horse - definitely my favourite.

Images copyright Natural Curiosities.
Via Cool Hunting.

Type Nesting

I love Type Nesting - two of my favourite things, birds and type!

Dubi Kaufmann trawls the internet looking for photos of birds nesting in signs and posts them on Type Nesting in the hope of seeing a pattern and determining which letter they prefer.

To date it's the counters in capital A's and R's that seem more popular, but the cap B's aren't far behind.

Images fromType Nesting.
Via Swissmiss.

Mon 13 Apr 2009

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A year of Delicious posts…

Here's a selection of our favourite posts from the last year, enjoy:

Which? Covers (can now also be seen on our Flickr)

Wilhelm Ostwald's Color Helm

Found Type at the De La Warr Pavilion

Alphabet Trucks & Abandoned Gasoline Stations

I spend half my time driving checking out the type and graphics on passing trucks, some of which have fantastic typography. Eric Tabuchi though, has taken this to a whole new level, compiling a truck alphabet as a limited edition collection of postcards.

He has also created a limited edition set of 26 Abandoned Gasoline Station postcards. Without the fuel pumps etc... you can really appreciate the architecture of the buildings, even though they look a bit out of place in the landscape.

Both editions are limited to 500 and available here.

Via Inspire Me Now.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #20

Another book for number 20. Norman Parkinson Portraits in Fashion by Robert Muir.

I absolutely adore Norman Parkinson's photography and this book includes all my favourite images. It's arranged decade by decade and illustrated with fashion plates, portraits and contact sheets, some of which had never been seen before the book was published.

The hardback edition is available to buy here and fine art prints are available here. But if you want to see some of his work in the flesh, our favourite photography gallery, Arden & Anstruther in Petworth, UK have some Norman Parkinson photographs in their private collection and they normally have at least one on display.

Images copyright the Norman Parkinson Archive.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #10

No.10 is a classic from photographer Hugh Holland - 'Jesus Saves', Marina Del Ray, 1977 from his Angels series.

Angels - Street. Skate. Seventies. is a collection of images that documents the early skateboarding scene in the mid 70's before it's commercial explosion.

In the UK prints are available from Crane Kalman, Brighton and in the US, from M+B, California.

Image copyright Hugh Holland from Crane Kalman.

24 Delicious Days of Advent - #8

A beautiful and glamorous number 8 - Tim Walker's, 'Pictures' book.

After seeing his exhibition at The Design Museum earlier this year I have yearned after this book. His images are so dreamy and pretty and at the same time a little weird which I just love.

The book is not only a collection of his gorgeous images but an insight into the way Walker works; his reference, sketches, thoughts and ideas.

There are some copies (old and new) on Amazon from about £40 which is not a bad price for such a lovely book. Some of his images are available as posters here.

Images copyright Tim Walker.

The Pink & Blue Project

I love this photography project by JeongMee Yoon. The Pink & Blue Project shows small children surrounded by their pink or blue belongings. It was instigated by her daughter who loved the colour pink so much that, "she wanted to wear only pink clothes and play with only pink toys and objects".

JeongMee discovered that this was not unusual and in fact a worldwide phenomenon, regardless of cultural background, ethinic group or nationality, so she set about exploring the, "trends in cultural preferences and the differences in the tastes of children (and their parents) from diverse cultures, ethnic groups as well as gender socialization and identity".

It's amazing when you look through the images just how many toys and clothes they have and interestingly the girls all seem to have far more than the boys!

Images copyright of JeongMee Yoon.

Thu 27 Nov 2008

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