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Routemasters: Last Stop!

Thanks to photographer, Ralf Obergfell for the info about, 'Routemasters: Last Stop!' a collaborative photography project between himself and Jet. The project is, 'a unique record of the Routemaster's final months. Through a mixture of still lifes, portrait and documentary photography' recently exhibited in the London Transport Museum and now available in a book by the same title.

The Routemaster buses lined London streets for 50 years until they were taken out of service at the end of 2005. Ralf and Jet have spent 18 months on the buses, mainly on the no. 19 and no. 38, capturing the comings and goings of their daily routes; the drivers, the passengers, the conductors and the buses themselves.

Their images are a great record of this design classic, they show the charm and character of these old buses. I can't see anyone being too upset when their replacements - the 'bendy buses' - eventually leave the London streets!

Images copyright Ralf Obergfell & Jet.

Sat 09 Aug 2008

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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

The lovely Kate at Make Do Style came to Brighton on Wednesday to discuss her new book. It turned out to be the best meeting ever; we had it over lunch and spent the rest of our time looking around lanes and on the seafront.

At this time of year Brighton is in full swing with the seafront and pier, in particular looking fabulously tacky and fun, so I decided to share some seaside inspiration for everyone to enjoy...

Fri 08 Aug 2008

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Eureka Tower Carpark signage

This has to be the best signage I have seen for a long time. It is a way-finding system developed by designer, Axel Peemoeller for Melbourne Carpark, 'Eureka Tower'.

The system works by having giant letters painted on the walls and floor, that appear distorted close up, but when seen from a distance, as you are driving through the carpark, they are perfectly legible. The perspective is carefully calculated to produce the largest, most legible sign from the correct angle.

It reminded me of pavement drawings by Julian Beever I saw a while ago which use perspective and distance in the same way, but in his case to create 3D illusions.

Eureka Tower images copyright Axel Peemoeller
Pavement art images copyright Julian Beever


Art-O-Mart is our new sister blog, focused on great art, design & photography - inspirational work from established artists & fresh new talent, must-see exhibitions and info on where to buy great stuff.

The Art-O-Mart online store will soon be opening for business too, selling limited edition prints, photography, vintage posters and specialist magazines.

If you are a photographer, designer, printmaker or artist and would like your work showcased on the Art-O-Mart blog send samples of your work to featureme [at]

Mon 04 Aug 2008

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Kids with Cameras

Kids with Cameras was founded by NY photographer Zana Briski in 2002 as a result of her work teaching photography to the children of Calcutta's red light district. She realised that photography ignited their imagination and helped to build their confidence - ultimately it had the power to transform their lives.

In 1997 Zana went to Calcutta to photograph the real lives of the prostitutes there. During her stay she became familiar with the children, and their interest in her camera inspired her to teach them photography to see the world through their eyes. From 2000 to 2003 she ran photography workshops teaching the children basic techniques and giving them a safe place to learn and enjoy themselves. The images produced where fantastic and gave a unique account of Bengali life. Kids with Cameras raises money and awareness for these children through print sales, world-wide exhibitions, film festivals and a book of their work, published in 2004.

The story of these children and their new found photography skills was documented by Zana and filmmaker, Ross Kauffman to create the film, 'Born into Brothels', which won 25 major awards including the 2005 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

To date, successful workshops have been developed in Jerusalem, Haiti and Cairo. For more information about the current projects, events and exhibitions or to buy prints of the children's images visit Kids with Cameras.

Images copyright Kids with Cameras.

Fri 01 Aug 2008

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Bargain books!!

I always have a 'books I want' list on my computer, just in case someone wants to surprise me. Anyway, today I managed to buy 2 of them and for the grand total of £12.25!!

The first was, 'Leroy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960's and 1970's' by Steve Barilotti - reduced from £24.99 to £6.25, and the second was, 'Alison Jackson: Confidential' from Taschen - reduced from £24.99 to £6. The Grannis book has a small tear on the cover, but the Alison Jackson book was still sealed. So thanks to Pussy Home Boutique, Brighton for making my day smile

Matt Stuart: Street Photography

I came across the work of photographer, Matt Stuart today for the first time and these two images in particular really made me smile - I just love photography with a sense of humour, especially when it's a delightful, chance sighting and not a staged idea.

He works with only his trusty Leica to produce witty and clever imagery with an extra level of detail you don't always notice immediately, which makes them both beautiful and intriguing.

Images copyright Matt Stuart 2008.
Represented by Gill Turner.

Thu 24 Jul 2008

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Signage Polaroids

These great images are from Doug Wilson's, 'Vernacular Typography Polaroids' Flickr group. It's a huge collection of polaroids taken mainly of handpainted signage throughout the US.

Via Poppy Talk.

Tue 22 Jul 2008

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Found typography #3

I love Hoosier tyres - there is something very appealing about them - the giant type, the white on black and the sheer ballooniness. Come to think of it, most racing tyres sport great type, but these are my favourite.

Mon 21 Jul 2008

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Pictures of Walls

Check out Pictures of Walls, a site devoted to photos of stuff written on walls - some are just genius!

Via our good friends at Sell! Sell!

Tue 15 Jul 2008

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From the reference box #14

Lots of photography based ephemera from the 30s', 40's & 50's. The second red 'Kodak' one had images in it marked 1938 on the back, but I would say the first 2 are much older than that one. The last one is a really tiny, holiday souvenir photo card form 'Margate' - this is my personal favourite.

So quite a few items for #14 - Photograph/enlargement wallets and cards.

Sat 12 Jul 2008

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Save Polaroid!

With Polaroid film production coming to an end sometime in 2008/2009 Save Polaroid is spearheading a worldwide campaign to help save it. The website is full of the joys of Polaroid; history, news, stories and lots of pics, plus a downloadable 'action pack' on how to help the cause.

Polaroid is a great media, I love the slightly hazy, 70's looking colours - what I like to call 'the Polaroid effect' - now what other camera can do that? OK, I know that Fuji do a similar camera, but the pictures are a different shape and it's just not the same!

If this has inspired you to dig out some of your old polaroids, why not send one to Postcard Polaroid.

Via Its Nice That.

Thu 10 Jul 2008

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Surf Photographer, Jeff Divine

Whilst we are on the theme of surf photographers, it would be remiss of me not too also post about the amazing work of Jeff Divine. Divine's images are mainly in colour and have a dynamic, fresh feel. His '70's Era' images are like a colour continuation of the Leroy Grannis black and white, 60's collection, capturing the whole of surf culture - the fashions, the hairstyles, the boards and always the very cool cars.

Jeff Divine grew up in La Jolla and began taking pictures of fellow surfers in the 60's. In 1971 he joined Surfer magazine and in 1981 became their Photo Editor for the next 16 years!

Divine's prints are available to buy through M+B in LA, but from the 21 July - 31 August his work will be exhibited/on sale at Crane and Kalman in Brighton, and I for one cannot wait!

Images via Jeff Divine Surf.

Surf Photographer, Leroy Grannis

It's been a while since I last looked at the work of surfer and surf photographer, Leroy Grannis and it's never disappointing, especially 'The Legends: Classic 60's black and white photo collection'. They have that lovely grainy, vintage look and even in mono they radiate that warm, hazy days of summer feeling. As does the '60's legend board builders' collection which gives a great insight into the business end of 60's surf culture.

Grannis began surfing in 1931 and started photographing surfers and surf culture in the early 60's and has some great collections through the 60's and 70's in black and white and colour.

Limited edition photographic prints are available to buy here. Be warned though, they are not cheap and you will fall in love with them and just have to have one.

Images via Photosgrannis.

Sat 05 Jul 2008

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Any Jesus £4

"Any Jesus £4 each" is not something you see everyday so I thought it worthy of a post. Thanks to Darren at Site for sending us this gem of a pic. As seen in Snoopers Paradise, Brighton.

Tue 01 Jul 2008

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