Routemasters: Last Stop!

Thanks to photographer, Ralf Obergfell for the info about, 'Routemasters: Last Stop!' a collaborative photography project between himself and Jet. The project is, 'a unique record of the Routemaster's final months. Through a mixture of still lifes, portrait and documentary photography' recently exhibited in the London Transport Museum and now available in a book by the same title.

The Routemaster buses lined London streets for 50 years until they were taken out of service at the end of 2005. Ralf and Jet have spent 18 months on the buses, mainly on the no. 19 and no. 38, capturing the comings and goings of their daily routes; the drivers, the passengers, the conductors and the buses themselves.

Their images are a great record of this design classic, they show the charm and character of these old buses. I can't see anyone being too upset when their replacements - the 'bendy buses' - eventually leave the London streets!

Images copyright Ralf Obergfell & Jet.

Sat 09 Aug 2008

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