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Kids with Cameras was founded by NY photographer Zana Briski in 2002 as a result of her work teaching photography to the children of Calcutta's red light district. She realised that photography ignited their imagination and helped to build their confidence - ultimately it had the power to transform their lives.

In 1997 Zana went to Calcutta to photograph the real lives of the prostitutes there. During her stay she became familiar with the children, and their interest in her camera inspired her to teach them photography to see the world through their eyes. From 2000 to 2003 she ran photography workshops teaching the children basic techniques and giving them a safe place to learn and enjoy themselves. The images produced where fantastic and gave a unique account of Bengali life. Kids with Cameras raises money and awareness for these children through print sales, world-wide exhibitions, film festivals and a book of their work, published in 2004.

The story of these children and their new found photography skills was documented by Zana and filmmaker, Ross Kauffman to create the film, 'Born into Brothels', which won 25 major awards including the 2005 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

To date, successful workshops have been developed in Jerusalem, Haiti and Cairo. For more information about the current projects, events and exhibitions or to buy prints of the children's images visit Kids with Cameras.

Images copyright Kids with Cameras.

Fri 01 Aug 2008

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