The Great Lance Wyman

I read a comment about Lance Wyman’s zoo graphics yesterday, and realised it’s been ages since I’ve seen them. His Mexico Olympic ’68 and his zoo graphics where the first pieces of design that I fell in love with. Their simplicity and impact are just fantastic.

Wyman specialises in directional, signage systems and branding. Early on in his career he created the identity, signage systems & symbols, for the Mexico ’68 Olympics and the Mexico ’70 World Cup, as well as developing a system for the Mexico City Metro.

In 1971 Wyman teamed up with Bill Cannan to form, Wyman & Cannan. A New York studio where they worked successfully creating iconic signage systems, including the above one for the Minnesota Zoo (one of my personal favourites), until 1979 when Wyman started his own studio, Lance Wyman Ltd.

There is a great interview with Wyman on Web Esteem where he discusses his design process and thoughts on his work.Also, if you want to see more of his graphics check out his website which true to form, is simple and informative. His graphics look even better small and in black and white – the ultimate test of a good logo.

PS. Lance, if you are reading this - we need a retrospective exhibition in the UK - please!

All images and graphics copyright Lance Wyman Ltd.

Fri 12 Sep 2008

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