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I picked up a copy of the International Designers Network (Vol.15 No.4) at the weekend and it's a great issue with a really good article on infographics (Signs of the Times) featuring 10 designers who specialise in this area, enjoying the challenge, and ultimately, the satisfaction in this type of design; Catalogtree, Dave Bowker, Nicholas Felton, Lamosca, Number27, Plusminus, Polar, SPVZ, Timm Kekeritz and Troikart.

It's not a publication I normally buy, but I will definitely be seeking it out again. The print quality is really good - this issue has a matt laminate, spot varnish and a foil on the cover which is extravagant, but looks good. Inside it uses a few different kinds of paper which gives it a really nice feel, has fold out pages to accomodate some of the larger infographics and is packed with interesting and up-to-date content. To top it all, the design throughout is great, not all to my taste, but interesting, experimental and relevant to the content. Oh, and this issue came with a free DVD of goodies including, the Diesel 'Liquid' Fashion Show and some behind the scenes footage of Bjork's Wonderlust video.

Mon 08 Sep 2008

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