Saks Fifth Avenue hire Shepard Fairey!

Saks Fifth Avenue have hired Shepard Fairey and Studio Number One employee Cleon Peterson to design their Spring marketing campaign. In true Fairey style it has more than a touch of Constructivism about it and although the propaganda style ads have been seen many times before, I think it works.

It's bold, striking and straight to the point, the exact requirements of any marketing campaign and poster design. The image is strong and the style carries through well to the packaging.

How clever (and ballsy) of Saks to get Fairey on board after the success and free publicity generated by his recent Obama poster campaign and for putting their faith in what he could do for them. Terron E. Schaefer, the senior vice president for marketing at Saks told the NY Times, “What we do every day, really, is propaganda”.

I hope it's sucessful and encourages other companies to take a more inspiring marketing route and put themselves out there a bit more. If nothing else, it gets you noticed!

Images copyright Saks Fifth Avenue, from NY Times.
Via Notcot.

Mon 12 Jan 2009

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