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Adi Wickramaratne from the Design Council kindly emailed me on Friday regarding the Design magazine post to tell me where I could find more information and view some of the publications archives online.

Brighton University’s Art Faculty has a massive archive of Design’s old photos, magazines and promotional material. Some of that information is online here, but there are more scanned and uploaded images on the Visual Arts Data Service website. It’s quite hard to navigate but I found a few pages of images here, here and here which give a great insight into the Exhibition of Britain and the design industry 40/50 years ago.

I have to confess that finding the Design magazines was a reminder to me about the Design Council. I always knew who they where, but never really looked into what they do. But after my email from Adi and the information he gave me I went over to their website and had a good look around. It’s actually a great resource, packed full of articles, discussions, links, research and case studies to help designers of all disciplines. You can also read issues of the current Design Council Magazine, DCM, which is every bit as good as Design used to be.

So if you fancy some design-related reading while you’re having a coffee break, pop over there and have a look around yourself!

All images copyright the Design Council.
Big thanks to Adi Wickramaratne.

Mon 12 Jan 2009

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