From the reference box #30

It's been a while since I've delved into the reference box, but finally here we have #30, a Practical Householder freebie from the 50's (I think) - Cost & Quantity Guide for Paints and Wallpapers.

Not only is the cover great, but inside it has 2 movable paper charts/calculators. This lovely dial is to help calculate the number of wallpaper rolls, border rolls and ceiling rolls for the given room size...

... and this sliding chart helps estimate the cost and required amount of paint for the average room. The sliding card is printed on both sides giving ceiling and indoor woodwork guides on one side and wall, external wood and ironwork guides on the other.

The back page gives preparation instructions along with hints and tips for perfect decorating...

So there we have it, #30 - Practical Householder Cost & Quantity guide for Paints and Wallpapers

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Wed 14 Jan 2009

Posted under: Design , Ephemera , Reference box



Make Do Style

01 Jan 2009 08:02 PM

Why are your reference box items so gorgeous! I always love them does that make me a retro design chick!

PS you’ve inspired me - went to a spinning class forgotten how good they are and how satisfying, much better than an aerobics class that I can’t do!!

Delicious Industries

01 Jan 2009 11:31 PM

Most definitely makes you a retro design chick - but don’t worry, they’re the best kind!

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