Pirelli wonderfulness!

Pirelli scooter - Max Huber, 1957.

Pirelli magazine cover - Giulio Confalonieri and Ilio Negri, 1959.

Pneumatici Pirelli - Agenzia Centro, 1964.

Pirelli magazine page design - Giulio Confalonieri and Ilio Negri, 1959

"il pneumatico che morde la strada'"(the tire that bites the road) ad - Paul Engelmann, 1952.

"per l'inverno il pneumatico inverno", Pirelli brochure cover, 1952.

More fabulous Pirelli graphics from Pop Design's Flickr. I love 50's and 60's Pirelli's marketing, it's so simple and graphic - very less is more, which I'm a big fan of!

Images copyright Pop Design.

Thu 04 Nov 2010

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