From the reference box #73

#73 - Wonder Atlas; An atlas for the air-age (the new up-to-date edition). It cost me 50p and the guy I bought it off looked at me as though I was mad, but it's worth every penny. Just look at the cover for a start with all it's 50's loveliness - I do love a turquoise and a red together too.

There are 24 full colour (up-to-date) maps inside including political, distance by air from London, average distance from a railway in different countries, seaway and airway versions, as well as a 4 page centre supplement of black an white photographs showing cities of the Commonwealth.

It was printed by LP - The Literary Press Ltd. in London (you can see their owl logo with the words, 'In knowledge lies wisdom' on the cover above) on a Collins Clear-Type Press and is a late 50's edition, from 1959 (I think).

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Mon 03 May 2010

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