From the reference box #102

#102 - more vintage tins, small but perfectly formed!

The Songster Gramaphone Needles tin (top) is my favourite of this bunch. All that detailed design, illustration and typography on such a small tin - it's easy to see why they have become so desirable in recent years.

I think the Snowfire Jelly tin (middle) is from the 1940's - Snowfire Jelly was a hand cream, "for beautiful hands".

The QA Brand Tablet tin (bottom) is really, really small - only 25mm high and 12mm in diameter. QA Brand "quick acting Asprin" were produced by Thompson & Capper, a homeopathic chemist company based in Liverpool.

As always, there's lots more vintage packaging and ephemera in the reference box if you feel like a root around.


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