From the reference box #43

#43 in the reference box is the 22nd Feb,1962 issue of 'The Aeroplane and Astronaughtics' - a publication which started in 1911 and survived until 1968 when it was merged with it's long time rival 'Flight International'.

I bought this purely for the cover, the rest of the publication is black & white and very editorial with a simple grid layout. The cover though is really great, I love it - the big bands of colour, the negative space creating the large wing/fuselage shape and the colourful graphics showing the different plane models. It's a very modern, clean design and totally different to the other issues that were also for sale, but unfortunately there is no mention of who designed or art directed it.

So there we have it #43 - the cover of 'The Aeroplane and Astronaughtics', 22nd Feb, 1962. Have a look at No's 1-42 here.

Tue 23 Jun 2009

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