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Thanks to Lizy Gershenzon at Froeter Design for sending me the link to Ed Lives Here, “Ed’s your friendly educator for all things paper, printing and design. He's here to help you communicate your ideas, on-press and on paper. He's your source for information - and inspiration”.

Basically, this is a great resource for anyone wanting to familiarise themselves with the print process. Experienced designers will probably know most of what’s here, but it’s good to have a reference to hand just in case. I think graduates will find it a really useful guide as the production side of being a designer is rarely covered in detail when studying and is a bit of a blackhole for many fledgling designers in their first job.

The diagrams and charts are really well designed and simplifying the information, making it easier to understand. On many occasions during the past few months this website would have helped me explain a process or print technique easily, to a client. For example trying to explain the differences between printing presses, what spot and process colours are and why they are not always identical, what a foil block or an emboss is and the old favourite – why monitor and printed colours are different.

Here are some other examples from the site:


Printing presses

It's a really interesting site, with loads of information and if you don’t believe me, take a look for yourselves here.

Images taken from Ed Lives Here. Sponsored by NewPage.

Fri 19 Sep 2008

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