Metallica re-branded

Turner Duckworth have redesigned the Metallica logo for their new album. Above top, is the original logo and underneath is the reincarnation, "based on the bands original version from 1981" - if you hadn't guessed!

Apparently the original logo had been re-drawn so many times over the years that it was beyond recognition, so the brief to Turner Duckworth was to try and capture the authenticity of the original logo in the new version.

Now they haven't done a bad job in my opinion, it was a tough brief and an even tougher audience to please, especially for a company more at home creating identities for companies like Waitrose and Amazon. When I first saw the new logo I didn't even realise it was a new version, and I guess that was their intention. Standing alone only true fans would know it's changed, yet next to the old one it looks well designed, more balanced and definitely has more attention to detail.

My only gripe would be that the protruding angles of the 'M' and 'A' have been changed, making the word 'Metallica' smaller than the original when the overall logo is the same size (as you can see above) and for a graphic predominantly used on merchandise I think that should have been a consideration. Although saying that, I doubt anyone these days even reads the Metallica logo, it could say anything between the 'M' and 'A', it's such an iconic design that the shape alone is instantly recognisable worldwide. Now love it or hate it, in my book that's the sign of a successful brand, be it for a product, service or rock band!

Via the Creative Review Blog.

Tue 23 Sep 2008

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