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From the reference box #28

Long before portable DVD Players and Nintendo DS, the I-SPOT Travel Game was at the forefront of in-car entertainment.

From the typography and the models of cars, I'm guessing these examples are from the 70's. The simple, 2 colour illustrations are great, especially the cars and I particularly like the Dr Who style police box - I don't think I've ever seen one of those!

So #28 - a fabulous pair of I-Spot Travel Game cards.

Take a look through our reference box here.

Dick Bruna Memory Game

Forget Nintendo DS this is all you need to give your memory a workout - the Dick Bruna edition of the Ravensburger Memory game.

There are 36 pairs of cards, each with a gorgeous illustration in the wonderful Bruna style. The game is copyright 1981, but the illustrations used range from 1959 - 1980 and yes, there are a few Miffy cards!

Even the instruction booklet has a lovely illustration:

All illustrations copyright Dick Bruna.

Thu 13 Nov 2008

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Jon Burgerman Wallpaper

How great is this colour-in wallpaper by Jon Burgerman? I think it's a fantastic idea and actually looks great even before it's been coloured-in. It's available in 1000 x 52cm rolls from Nineteenseventythree along with is colour-in greetings cards!

Via Notcot.

Wed 12 Nov 2008

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Dick Bruna Squeeze 'n' Squeak Toys

These little cuties have been sat on my shelf for about 6 years now, but it was only today I realised that those simple lines and bold colours are the fabulous work of illustrator, Dick Bruna!

They're Playcraft, Squeeze 'n' Squeak toys - the pig from 1967 and the cow from 1972. The cow still has some squeak, but the pig, not so much. I love them both regardless and I especially love how the pigs tail looks like a little 'p'!

Mon 03 Nov 2008

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Alan Aldridge at the Design Museum

The Design Museum is showing the first UK retrospective of illustrator and graphic designer, Alan Aldridge "The Man with the Kaleidoscope Eyes" until January 2009.

Aldridge was born in London, but has lived in LA for 25 years. He became huge in the swinging 60’s with his unique style of psychedelic illustration on the Beatles lyric book and iconic album covers for the Rolling Stones, Elton John and The Who. During this time he was also the Art Director at Penguin and is said to have, “breathed fresh life into modern book cover design”.

The exhibition sounds great, “an elaborate display of complete works as well as sketches, notes, letters and other archival material as well as films; bringing to life the exciting career of Alan Aldridge”, and I can't wait to see it, but for anyone that can’t make it you can checkout his work and buy prints here.

Images copyright Alan Aldridge.

Stamp inspiration

Inspired by the wonderful Grain Edit and So Much Pileup who are always posting their beautiful stamps, I ventured into the deep and dark storage cupboard to dig out my childhood stamp collections. It really is years since these have seen the light of day, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of great designs and graphic illustrations.

The ones above are a sweet little set from Czechoslovakia in the early 70's. Unfortunately they all have postmarks across them (it seems I wasn't very selective about what did and didn't go in), but the illustrations can still be admired.

Fri 03 Oct 2008

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Rob Ryan at Castor & Pollux

“Swirling, intricate bells, birds, trees and stars fill the prints and paper cuts of silhouetted lovers surrounded by floating poetry”

The Rob Ryan exhibition of screen prints, printed tiles and paper cuts started yesterday at Castor & Pollux and runs until 20 October.

Rob’s work is beautiful, intricate and sentimental. He’s created illustrations for Paul Smith, designed Christmas windows for Liberty’s of London and made paper-cut fashions for Vogue.

His work will be available to buy throughout the exhibition, but if you’re stuck in London at the weekends you can check out Rob’s work at Ryantown, his new shop in Columbia Road and for those of you not in the UK he also has an Etsy shop!

Image copyright Rob Ryan.

The Launch of the Pleasure Bus Tour

The Pleasure Bus Mobile Art Gallery and shop is heading to Art Vinyl, 13 Broadway Market, London on Wednesday 13 August, 5-10pm for Disco, Daftness, Doodling and free Corona!

There'll be limited edition prints, t-shirts and postcards to buy, so if you can't make this stop watch out for the next location.

Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two Cook Book

After discovering the work of Charley Harper a couple of weeks ago, the search was on for a cook book he illustrated in the late 50's, 'Betty Crocker's Dinner for Two'.

After trawling the internet I found a first edition, first printing (1958) copy on Ebay and yesterday it arrived. It is in mint condition and the illustrations are all I hoped they would be - simple, kitsch and very elegant!

It is also full of these wonderfully kitsch still life, food photographs which is a bonus!

Tue 12 Aug 2008

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Eureka Tower Carpark signage

This has to be the best signage I have seen for a long time. It is a way-finding system developed by designer, Axel Peemoeller for Melbourne Carpark, 'Eureka Tower'.

The system works by having giant letters painted on the walls and floor, that appear distorted close up, but when seen from a distance, as you are driving through the carpark, they are perfectly legible. The perspective is carefully calculated to produce the largest, most legible sign from the correct angle.

It reminded me of pavement drawings by Julian Beever I saw a while ago which use perspective and distance in the same way, but in his case to create 3D illusions.

Eureka Tower images copyright Axel Peemoeller
Pavement art images copyright Julian Beever


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Mon 04 Aug 2008

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From the reference box #17

The Practical Householder, January 1961. This is great publication, packed full of adverts, and I mean packed full - the first article starts on page 25, before that it is just pages of mainly mono ads selling anything from sheds to chandeliers.

There is a 'test report' for a fast-boiling kettle - 'the latest edition to the housewife's time-saving equipment', a heat controlled iron and a multi-purpose tool for house and garden.

The illustrations, typography and graphics are fantastic reference, but the best things about this magazine are the many 'DIY/How to' pages. In this issue alone there are instructions on 'how to make'; a table for occasions (see above), a perspex fruit trough, a veneered light (see above), pelmets & curtains, a stow-away top for table tennis, a fold-away linen bin, a selection of children's wooden toys, a storm door, a cocktail bar, a wrought iron balustrade, lattice steps 'for the housewife', a birdcage suspension bar and a nursery chair. As well as how to re-cover a three-piece suite, prevent condensation, hide a waterpipe and hang a kitchen cupboard!

Did a 1960's man really have enough spare time in a month to make all those things? If so. where did all the time go, I don't think I have time to make even one of those things in a month - or is it a case of the women doing so much that the men really didn't have anything to do except play at DIY?

So quite a packed #17 - The Practical Householder, January 1961

Charley Harper 1922 - 2007

I came across the fabulous work of the late illustrator, Charley Harper today and I can't believe I haven't seen it before!

Harper was born on a farm in West Virginia, which is said to have been the true inspiration behind his work. He later moved to Cincinnati where he studied, and later taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Many of his illustrations are of wildlife, and in particular birds, so it's no surprise he worked with many nature related organisations throughout his career, including the Cincinnati Zoo and the Everglades National Park. He also illustrated many books and is especially well known for his illustrations in, 'The Golden Book of Biology' and in, 'Betty Crocker Dinner for Two'

His modernist style creates simplistic, graphic images, that are colourful and bold. Harper summed up his style by saying, "When I look at a wildlife or nature subject, I don't see the feathers in the wings, I just count the wings. I see exciting shapes, color combinations, patterns, textures, fascinating behaviour and endless possibilities for making interesting pictures".

To see more of Charley Harper's work, checkout the 'Charley Harper Illustrations Fanclub' Flickr group, or have a look at the selection of limited edition prints for sale at Gallery One.

Image copyright Charley Harper.

Jeremyville in Brighton

'My Summer in Brighton', Jeremyville's first Brighton show, kicks off on 5 August and runs until 7 September at Castor & Pollux.

Jeremyville is an Australian illustrator/artist/animator who splits his time between his homeland and NY. He wrote and produced, 'Vinyl Will Kill', the first designer toy book in the World and has featured in more recent titles including,'Kidrobot' and 'Pictoplamsa'.

His unique illustrations are quirky and intriguing, there is always lots to look at and much attention to detail. Jeremyville has worked with clients such as Converse, Adidas, Coca-cola and MTV to name but a few, so to see his work in Brighton will be fantastic.

More fantastic though, is that he has produced a limited edition A2 screenprint to celebrate this show and his time in Brighton (above right). There are only 50 signed copies available which will go on sale 1 August for £60 each. To reserve your copy, email

A selection of his prints and other merchandise are also available on his website.

Images copyright Jeremyville.

Blisters on my Fingers posters, now on-line!

As promised the very nice people over at Print Club have just put all the remaining posters from the weekends exhibition, 'Blisters on my Fingers' into their on-line shop for £35 each plus postage. There are some really nice ones left too including the ones above by Andy Smith, Seif Alhasani and Steve Wilson.


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