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Print Club presents 'Blisters on my Fingers'

35 Illustrators. 35 Edition and hand signed prints. 35 Pounds each.

Blisters on my fingers runs from the 11th to 13th July 2008
at MC Motors, Millers Avenue off Arcola Street, Dalston, E8 2DS.

Friday night opening 6 to 10pm (Please RSVP)
Saturday 12 to 5pm - Afternoon Print off
Sunday 12 to 5pm - Closing show BBQ

Print Club is a water-based, screen printing club providing it's members with the facilities to produce their own screen prints. They have some amazing illustrators and designers as members including one of our favourite illustrators, Andy Smith (remember the 'I Pretend to Work poster'?) so it really should be a cracking show. Fingers crossed there will be some prints left to go in their shop for those of us that can't go!

Via Dirty Mouse.

I pretend to work

I saw this today whilst trawling blogs, instead of working and it made me smile! See more of Andy Smith's work here and buy prints here.

Image via A Smith Illustration.

Wed 09 Jul 2008

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Illustrators, Gary Taxali & Roman Klonek

Just saw this post on the Sell Sell blog about illustrator Gary Taxali. I love his work, it's fantastic - full of quirky characters and bright colours, and as Sell Sell say, it does have a look of vintage advertising/propaganda posters. Some of his signed, limited edition screenprints are available to buy here.

And if this quirky, nostalgic illustration is your thing then check out the work of Polish, illustrator Roman Klonek, whose woodcuts are similarly reminiscent of Eastern European propaganda posters, and also filled with wild and crazy looking characters in bright colours. The full collection of woodcuts can be seen on his website (which is a pretty cool site), and if you want to see them in the flesh, there is normally a selection on display/for sale at Castor & Pollux in Brighton.

Animals on the Underground

Tube journeys will never be the same again, now I've seen Animals on the Underground. There are 32 to date, the first being the elephant spotted in 1988 by Paul Middlewick on his daily commute. Since then more and more animals have been spotted, and are still being spotted - they even have their own merchandise!

The site supports the work done by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). They have teamed up to create promotional posters and campaign t-shirts to help 'Stop Whale & Seal Hunting' and to 'Ban Ivory trade' - 50% of all campaign t-shirt profits are donated to the charity.

Via It's Nice That.

Sat 17 May 2008

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Christian Hückstädt Collages

We love the work of German, illustrator Christian Hückstädt, especially his corrugated card and vegetable collages, they're really clever and guaranteed to make you smile.

Sat 03 May 2008

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Cartoon character who's who?

I saw this over on Jinx the Monkey earlier - it's a silhouette game created by Bob Flynn to show how recognisable cartoon characters are, even in this form, due to their strong design.

It's good fun, but it drove me crazy - I know most of them, but some, I have no idea and more irritating is that some of the ones I do recognise, I can't remember the names of!

Sat 03 May 2008

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Lisa Jones' cards

We love these kitsch, Lisa Jones' cards. Check out the full range here.

Sat 19 Apr 2008

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ScreenThing Characters

We have just finished working on these characters for use on ScreenThing, an interweb project for the Motion Picture Association, for young film & TV fans. The ScreenThing characters run throughout the site, which is hosted on the Piczo network. 

Big thanks to Sell! Sell! for getting us involved, it was a fun job!

Dick Bruna's, Miffy

Here at Delicious we love the work of Dutch illustrator, Dick Bruna, especially Miffy, one of the best-loved children's book characters of all time. Bruna's use of simple line drawing with bold, blocks of red, blue, green and yellow create a wonderfully 2-dimensional graphic image. These fantastic illustrations are now available as limited edition prints from the UK Miffy Shop.

Sat 05 Apr 2008

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