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Christian Hückstädt Collages

We love the work of German, illustrator Christian Hückstädt, especially his corrugated card and vegetable collages, they're really clever and guaranteed to make you smile.

Sat 03 May 2008

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Cartoon character who's who?

I saw this over on Jinx the Monkey earlier - it's a silhouette game created by Bob Flynn to show how recognisable cartoon characters are, even in this form, due to their strong design.

It's good fun, but it drove me crazy - I know most of them, but some, I have no idea and more irritating is that some of the ones I do recognise, I can't remember the names of!

Sat 03 May 2008

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Live Now Posters

Eric Smith has created these great posters and is selling them in aid of Live Strong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation. They are for sale on his website, I Draw All Day for only $12.95 + postage, so why not brighten up your office and help a worthy cause!

Found typography #1

I love this packaging, especially the 'Glico' type. Found on a discarded box outside an Oriental food store in Hove, East Sussex.

Thu 01 May 2008

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