Vintage Castrol Tins

Remember this post about a vintage oil can Flickr group? Well since then I've been on a look out for some of my own - so far I've found these little beauties. I love the old scripted Castrol logo on the middle and right tins.

According to Castrol this logo was introduced in 1946 and used until 1958 when the one on the left tin replaced it. Here's the Castrol logo evolution, I think it's a shame they didn't stick with the 50's/60's branding as it has much more impact than the ultra-modern (yet already dated looking) ones in use since 2001.

1917 and 1929

1946 and 1958

1968 and the 100 year celebration logo in 1999

2001 and 2006

Check out more vintage oil loveliness here, here and here.

All logo images copyright Castrol.


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