Tiny Sellotape® Tins

Over the last couple of months 2 more Sellotape® tins have been added to the collection and both are only half the size of my other tins (see below) at 73mm (2 7/8") diameter!

The bottom one is of the same era as my others but the top one is much earlier - the logo has an outline so you can actually see how the Sellotape® logo started out (made up from a ribbon of tape). The logo/brand name 'Sellotape' has not yet been registered as a Trademark and the company name on the side of the tin is Adhesive Tapes Ltd., not Sellotape Products Ltd. as it is on the later ones. I love how it describes what Sellotape® does too, again indicating that it is an early tin, "No moistening" and "Adheres at touch".

If you're craving more information about Sellotape®, there's a brief history of the brand here.

Wed 11 Aug 2010

Posted under: Design , Typography , Packaging



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