Sellotape® Tins

I found these old Sellotape® tins at the weekend. To think Sellotape® was packaged in such an extravagant way seems crazy these days, but they are gorgeous and I love the giant 'S' on the front.

I was told they were from the 60's, but after some research I actually think they are from the mid to late 50's. These product pics (below) are from the 60's, showing the original self-adhesive tape in mostly blister-pack style packaging or sold individually from large tin tubes. There are some tins on the bottom row of the display rack, so it's my guess they were being phased out by the early 60's.

The display box (below left) is from the 60's and shows some of the new product range available from Sellotape® - Masking, Insulating and Double-sided tape, "Tapes for the Handyman". The box below right shows the more modern looking 70's packaging for the original clear tape.

The ads below ran throughout the 60's to advertise this new range of DIY tapes in DIY magazine and Practical Householder.

For more information about the history of the Sellotape® brand go here and for more info about the history of sticky tape see here.

Product display images copyright Sellotape.


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