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The Royal Mint has just revealed new designs for all UK coins as the result of a national competition started in 2005 and won by London designer, Matthew Dent. This is the first time that a single design has been carried through all denominations in the UK.

The 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 50p each display a section of the Royal Arms that can be arranged to make up the full shield, and in case you don't know what that should look like, the £1 coin shows it in full. "It's easy to imagine the coins pushed around a school classroom table or fumbled around with on a bar - being pieced together as a jigsaw and just having fun with them." says Matthew.

They do have a really modern feel, having no numbers and the denomination only in word form gives them a very fresh appearance. I think it's about time they were given a facelift, however I can't help thinking the 5p looks like an old Roman or Saxon coin??

The new designs will be integrated into circulation throughout the year alongside the existing coins. For more information go to the Royal Mint website.

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Wed 02 Apr 2008

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