Illustrators, Gary Taxali & Roman Klonek

Just saw this post on the Sell Sell blog about illustrator Gary Taxali. I love his work, it's fantastic - full of quirky characters and bright colours, and as Sell Sell say, it does have a look of vintage advertising/propaganda posters. Some of his signed, limited edition screenprints are available to buy here.

And if this quirky, nostalgic illustration is your thing then check out the work of Polish, illustrator Roman Klonek, whose woodcuts are similarly reminiscent of Eastern European propaganda posters, and also filled with wild and crazy looking characters in bright colours. The full collection of woodcuts can be seen on his website (which is a pretty cool site), and if you want to see them in the flesh, there is normally a selection on display/for sale at Castor & Pollux in Brighton.


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