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#48 - Sunlight Soap Packaging. This Sunlight Soap packaging has unfortunately been opened out and the ends of the box are missing which is a shame. But the pic below shows how the complete pack should look...

When I bought it I estimated it was probably from the 50’s, however after a bit of research it seems it is much older. According to the Unilever timeline they introduced ‘Sunlight Flakes’ in 1899 and then changed their name to ‘LUX Flakes’ in 1900. This box advertises the ‘NEW Sunlight Flakes’ (in the yellow sash) and therefore must be from 1899!

Sunlight Soap was originally produced in 1884 by Lever Brothers, UK. It was designed for general household use and in particular washing clothes, making it “one of the first examples of a cleaning product being produced as a consumer commodity”, says Wikipedia. It was also one of the earliest internationally-marketed branded products!

These days Sunlight Soap has been replaced by man-made detergents in the laundry business, but it’s still available as a hand-wash soap in some European countries and is still a leading brand of dish-washing soap in Canada!

Complete package images from Advertising Antiques.


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