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#107 - 29 Embroidery Stitches, a vintage booklet issued by Clark & Co. of Paisley, Scotland.

In the early 1800's Patrick Clark invented a way of twisting cotton threads together to produce an alternative to silk thread which was unattainable due to the French blockade. Clark & Co. opened their first cotton thread plant in 1812 and went on to offer a range of embroidery threads called 'Anchor Embroidery Threads'.

Clark & Co. merged with J & P Coats in 1952, dating this charming little booklet in the late 40's or very early 50's (I've also read that they merged in 1896, but there is no way this booklet is that old!).

The introduction encourages, "Try out some of the less well-known stitches and you will find a fresh absorbing interest in embroidery". There's a comprehensive guide to the correct threads, fabrics and needle sizes (see below) as well as a lovely illustration demonstrating the correct technique for each of the 29 stitches.

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Mon 23 May 2011

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