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Design was launched in 1949 by the Council of Industrial Design (later to become the Design Council); a body set up in 1944 by the British Government to, “to promote by all practicable means the improvement of design in the products of British industry”. Published monthly and distributed Internationally, Design soon became highly influential.

I picked up 4 copies in a local secondhand store just before Christmas; September & November '73 and February & July '75. The covers aren't great for these issues, but the content is fantastic.

The adverts ooze Seventies style. They are mainly for office furniture, but I found a couple of Letraset ones which made me smile - I like what they did with the 8/g. I miss Letraset!

There are loads of really interesting articles which I'll scan and post soon, but as a taster here's one from the February 1975 issue discussing Coca-Cola and the, "fantastic momentum of the coke image" and how it, "outpowers its fizzy raison d'êtrê". (Click on the images to read the full article).

By far the funniest ads I found in these publications were the classifieds - not sexist or ageist at all - oh how times have changed!

All images and publication content copyright of Design and the Design Council.

Wed 07 Jan 2009

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