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Pictures of Walls

Check out Pictures of Walls, a site devoted to photos of stuff written on walls - some are just genius!

Via our good friends at Sell! Sell!

Tue 15 Jul 2008

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Save Polaroid!

With Polaroid film production coming to an end sometime in 2008/2009 Save Polaroid is spearheading a worldwide campaign to help save it. The website is full of the joys of Polaroid; history, news, stories and lots of pics, plus a downloadable 'action pack' on how to help the cause.

Polaroid is a great media, I love the slightly hazy, 70's looking colours - what I like to call 'the Polaroid effect' - now what other camera can do that? OK, I know that Fuji do a similar camera, but the pictures are a different shape and it's just not the same!

If this has inspired you to dig out some of your old polaroids, why not send one to Postcard Polaroid.

Via Its Nice That.

Thu 10 Jul 2008

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Fubiz have put together a selection of '70 Amazing business cards' they find inspirational. Well, I'm not sure I would describe them all as amazing from a design point-of-view, but there are some really nice pieces of print so it's worth a little look.

Pics from Fubiz.

Wed 02 Jul 2008

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Matchbook covers

These fabulous matchbook covers are part of the Flickr group, 'Mid Century Modern - Sticker, Label + Stamp', administered Grain Edit. There are over 700 images in the group, mainly originating from Eastern Europe. The graphics are really simple and have a great print quality. They would definitely be a valuable addition to the Delicious reference box - I need to start a search!

Via Grain Edit.

Wed 11 Jun 2008

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Now you see it…

More wallpaper - it’s becoming an obsession! Shi Yuan designed this heat-sensitive wallpaper as part of his, ‘Design with Life’ project. The project also includes a calendar, where the date disappears throughout the day – a great idea, but I’m not sure I could bear to see time literally vanishing before my eyes.

Via Dirty Mouse.

Thu 05 Jun 2008

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Then and now

This is a fantastic project by Italian photographer, Matteo Ferrari, called 'Automotive Monogamy'. He finds owners of classic cars who have had the same car for many years and recreates old photographs of them with their car when they first bought it.

Reminds me of a Flickr group, 'Me then, Me now' I read about a few weeks ago where people recreate a childhood photo of themselves. Very funny, and in some cases a little bit weird!
I have also come across a 'Then and now' group, where people recreate old photographs of towns and cities from the same angle and location.

Mon 02 Jun 2008

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The Ampersand

How great is this site, devoted solely to the humble Ampersand. There are some great 'found' ampersands on signage and some funny food Ampersands, but I'm not sure about the Ampersand tattoo's - that really is taking your love of typography to the extreme.

Via Swiss Miss.

Thu 29 May 2008

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How cool is this? It's 'Ant'ique wallpaper', by Copenhagen based design studio, GAMplusFRATESI and the winning project of 'New Walls, please! 2007', a design competition run by the German Design Council and a.s.Creation.

"Seen from distance the wallpaper seems simply an antique baroque motive, but coming closer you will discover that thousands of ants are crawling on the walls creating this baroque wallpaper..."

Thanks Mike for the link!

Sun 25 May 2008

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Rip-off Car Company Logos

Still on a car theme today and I came across these (mainly Chinese) rip-offs of big car manufacturer's logos - Toyota seems to be a favourite!

They are from Car Type, a great car website with loads of information about every car manufacturer you (well I) can think of, their history, logos and their advertising. Be warned though, an hour can easily be lost reading through all the info - but today I can get away with it, all in the name of research!

Fri 23 May 2008

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The Magnificent Chatwin Brothers

I came across these great, hand-printed wallpapers today and just want to buy rolls and rolls of them. They're based on old Navy tattoos and were created by the Magnificent Chatwin Brothers. Both designs are 3 colour prints; ‘Swallows’ (pink, petrol blue & white), ‘Skulls’ (black, white & pink) and are available from Beyond the Valley for £140 per 10 x 0.5m roll.

Tue 20 May 2008

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Camera Tossing

This is fantastic, we've all moved our cameras around at night with the shutter open and got blurry trails of lights, but this takes it one step further. The phenomenon, known as 'Camera Tossing' seems to have started with a Flickr group, created by Ryan Gallagher, called Camera Toss. The group has currently has over 5000 members and over 3500 posted images.

The most common throwing techniques are apparently, "flipping end over end where the lens sweeps a full 360 degrees or more, spinning on the lens axis facing the subject, chaotic (a mixture of motion), and flat (simple up and down with as little rotation as possible)." I can see the news now, "Insurance companies across the country are baffled by a huge surge in camera related claims...".

Via Colour Lovers. Image by Clickykbd.

Mon 19 May 2008

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Nike 1/1: Art of Football

Nike 1/1 is an art competition, this year themed on the Art of football - submit your work for the chance to exhibit in Basel with some of the world's most respected talents (the Nike 1/1 associates). 11 artworks will be selected to exhibit and 1 chosen as the overall winner which will be immortalised on a new limited edition series of Nike Dunks.

It doesn't sound like a great prize to me, but if it's your bag, get those pens and pencils out - oh, and 'Be True' apparently that's the only rule!

Fri 18 Apr 2008

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ScreenThing Characters

We have just finished working on these characters for use on ScreenThing, an interweb project for the Motion Picture Association, for young film & TV fans. The ScreenThing characters run throughout the site, which is hosted on the Piczo network. 

Big thanks to Sell! Sell! for getting us involved, it was a fun job!

So you think you know your Gill from your Frutiger…

Have a go at this type quiz. It's tough. A couple, I'm ashamed to say, I have never even heard of. Still 27/34 is above average according to their stats. Come on GMan, I challenge you to take the quiz - no cheating now!

Tue 15 Apr 2008

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Design & Typography resource

Typogabor has a great collection of scanned in design and typography books as well as 'tributes' to the great Lou Dorfsmann and Herb Lubalin which are collections of some of their best work. It's a really good resource as books like the 'Top Symbols & Trademarks' are such good reference yet so hard to come by.

Via The Serif

Mon 14 Apr 2008

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