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Any Jesus £4

"Any Jesus £4 each" is not something you see everyday so I thought it worthy of a post. Thanks to Darren at Site for sending us this gem of a pic. As seen in Snoopers Paradise, Brighton.

Tue 01 Jul 2008

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6 'Design Related' Quirks

We've been 'tagged' by Make Do Style, so here are our 6 'design related' quirks in no particular order:

1. I only use type sizes in even numbers

2. I compulsively use dashes when I write

3. Double spacing after a full stop drives me crazy - it just looks so wrong!

4. I love opening a new book and smelling the fresh ink

5. I collect vintage photographs of cats (with or without their owners). I especially like the ones that have writing on the reverse - a shopping list, a letter or just a record of the date.

6. I can't help but copy check everything I read - even menus in restaurants, which by the way have some of the funniest typos

Well that's our 6 (actually the top 6 as we had many, many more) and in the spirit of 'tagging' and social networking we would like to tag our friends over at Sell! Sell!

Mon 02 Jun 2008

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Simon's Cat

Sinon's Cat in Cat-Man-Do

Simon's Cat in Let me in!

We are loving these animations by Simon Tofield - they are so well observed, anyone with a cat will find them hilarious. We suspect that Simon's Cat is related to our very own Tigger as their characteristics seem shockingly similar!

Cat-Man-Do won 'Best Comedy' at the British Animation Awards in March too, so congratulations Mr Tofield!

Simon Tofield is represented in the UK by Tandem Films.

Tue 27 May 2008

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Animals on the Underground

Tube journeys will never be the same again, now I've seen Animals on the Underground. There are 32 to date, the first being the elephant spotted in 1988 by Paul Middlewick on his daily commute. Since then more and more animals have been spotted, and are still being spotted - they even have their own merchandise!

The site supports the work done by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). They have teamed up to create promotional posters and campaign t-shirts to help 'Stop Whale & Seal Hunting' and to 'Ban Ivory trade' - 50% of all campaign t-shirt profits are donated to the charity.

Via It's Nice That.

Sat 17 May 2008

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Modern Toss: Museum of Urban Shit Naks

Modern Toss have created a 'Museum of Urban Shit Naks' to celebrate Brighton Fringe Festival, it includes a lifesize Alan, a selection of decorative wall-mounted ceramic Shit-Frisbees and a four hundred pound hand-knitted Book-Cosy.

You can see it in all it's glory at Ink-d, an independent Brighton gallery throughout this month.

Tue 13 May 2008

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Cartoon character who's who?

I saw this over on Jinx the Monkey earlier - it's a silhouette game created by Bob Flynn to show how recognisable cartoon characters are, even in this form, due to their strong design.

It's good fun, but it drove me crazy - I know most of them, but some, I have no idea and more irritating is that some of the ones I do recognise, I can't remember the names of!

Sat 03 May 2008

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The Santa Monica, 'Pacific Wheel'

This is probably the best item that is ever going to be in our 'Things to buy' category - it's the 'Pacific Wheel', the famous Santa Monica Ferris Wheel, which is now on ebay.

The wheel debuted in May 1966 at the opening of Pacific Park and in 1998 became the world's first solar-powered ferris wheel. It's a great item for those with a giant garden and a lot of spare cash (Bidding is currently at $50,000), but it says in the details that the wheel base is not included in the sale!! What is a buyer going to do with a 90ft high ferris wheel with no base?

Wed 23 Apr 2008

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From the reference box #5

Something else from the depths of the Delicious Reference box - one of our vintage photos. This one is superb, it has such great contrast, unfortunately though we have no idea, what type of planes these are, what they are doing flying in a row so close together or who took the picture, but it's still one of our favourites. Enjoy!

So here we are, #5 - vintage, aeroplane photograph

People with magic wands only

Saw this today and it made me smile - if you are going to modify a road sign why stop at giving it a magic wand, and for that matter, why give it a magic wand? Maybe they were trying to conjure up a real pavement??

Wed 09 Apr 2008

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Little People

No - not fairies and pixies, but really little, model people in unexpected, everyday places just doing their own thing, or as their creator, Slinkachu puts it, 'Little, hand-painted people, left in London to fend for themselves'...

To see more of this 'tiny street art project' click here and remember to watch out for our tiny friends on a street near you.

Tue 01 Apr 2008

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Virtual cutting and sticking

From Japanese Software and Web designers, Pentacom comes this virtual collage website. It has been on-line since 2004, but is still great for some fun, no mess, collaging. Create your own fabulous collage here (it takes a minute to load, but it's worth the wait).

Wed 26 Mar 2008

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Right, no left, no right

Knowing your left and right is pretty important when you're a sign writer.
Even more so if you're a road-sign writer!

Sat 15 Mar 2008

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