6 'Design Related' Quirks

We've been 'tagged' by Make Do Style, so here are our 6 'design related' quirks in no particular order:

1. I only use type sizes in even numbers

2. I compulsively use dashes when I write

3. Double spacing after a full stop drives me crazy - it just looks so wrong!

4. I love opening a new book and smelling the fresh ink

5. I collect vintage photographs of cats (with or without their owners). I especially like the ones that have writing on the reverse - a shopping list, a letter or just a record of the date.

6. I can't help but copy check everything I read - even menus in restaurants, which by the way have some of the funniest typos

Well that's our 6 (actually the top 6 as we had many, many more) and in the spirit of 'tagging' and social networking we would like to tag our friends over at Sell! Sell!

Mon 02 Jun 2008

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